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Hi everyone, my topic of discussion today is something interesting, something common yet something very engrossed that is Video Game development. What do you understand about video games? If I ask this question from a pro gamer he will name some of the gaming Consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, PS4, NES and many more. Going to 90's kids, they loved to enjoy it by turning their television screen and computer screen into gaming platforms. I remember my cousins always wanted the latest video gaming console on his birthdays. Earlier there were cassettes of video games that used to be sold with a set of paired controllers. But now technologies are so advanced that you just need to buy it from online sites sitting at home and then can play on laptops, TVs and even in tabs.

Video games have always been an interesting part of growing life. 90's kids know field playing like hide and seek but what differs them from today's kids are advanced technologies of video games. While playing PUBG, FIFA, PS4, and many other video games does ever this question hit up your mind that what are this and how it's been created !

Video Game development is a procedure of creating some codes and including advanced technologies to create many exceptionally interesting video games. Like marketing companies, insurance companies and many other companies, the gaming world also has its different brands. There are no certain degrees required for these companies except some coding language and talent of creativity to make a performing gaming hub. It totally depends on the maker's mind on what will be the game's function.


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Video gaming development is the developer's creativity on how to structure the game and what the playing field depends on. To create a video game, video game development needs to join many minute particles to develop a successful gaming structure. Some of them are :-

  • Developers - who creates the structure of the game. He can be titled as the sole creator of the game
  • Programming- a video game is a robot on a screen, and unlike making a robot, it is very important to create bits and pieces of the gaming structure which is possible through programming. So programming the game is actually structuring the body of the game.
  • Video - video games are nothing without videos. Structuring the outer part which people can see is the sole importance of the engineering part.
  • Audio - this seems to be an option for players in the setting menu, but a team really works hard on making audio and music an option for you. Audio part includes music, tapping sound, spinning of wheel sound, every bit of sound you hear while playing are works of audio controllers.
  • Record , render, mix - these are the technicalities which developers work on for producing a nice game.

Video game development is a minute formation of structural figures and putting many other technologies and codes for putting them into players control. Video games are nothing limited to only PlayStations and consoles but also every game which is being played on mobile, PCs and tabs are called as video games and for those video game development an intellectual team of developers, engineers and mixers connect codes and make structure for a successful video gaming development.

With the privilege of Appshunts, India is growing towards a new era of gaming creation. The developers of AppsHunts are not hard working but they share attachments with each other. Without speaking up words, they feel what is there in others mind. The creative developers of Appshunts are skilled and privileged with smart brains in working for video game development. The concept behind their success is working in a team like one. So behind the best company for video game development title is what they create together, what they think together and how they work with the thought together.

Well, the era of transition can be proved from the arrival of new technologies in the market. Arrival of Android, iOS, 4G networks have gradually demanded for a growth also in gaming zones. Video game development can be divided into two categories- console games and computer games. But as things have transferred more into socializing and mobile phones, those categories have been again divided into social games, mobile games, tabloid games and many more. The social platforms have also helped in advertising the upcoming of new video games. It won't be a subject of surprise if I point out that video games have now been releasing posters like films and TV serials. The best example of this was witnessing "CALL OF DUTY". The game really banged like a movie release. For engrossing the video game like a movie, CALL OF DUTY earned lots of profit, even small children popped up CALL OF DUTY and before its coming to playstore and Appstore players literally started researching on it like a pro.

The first video game emerged in the era of the 1970s and now there have been categories of development of video games. There are two special categories under which video game development is functioning, those are :-

  • Company partnership
  • Indie developers

Every coin has two sides, so both pros and cons lie with both the categories. In company partnership, developers work under a name and brand with boss and employee friends. The working zone is very professional and of course they get payment for their working hours. But developers sometimes wish to work with freedom. In a company partnership, the boss is their ultimate controller so they get less freedom. Whereas, Indie developers are their own boss, there are no limited working hours and no time bound to complete a damn project, developers can show their own creativity without any proper permission because their sole controller is the ultimate player who will be playing those games. But you must be thinking, Indie developers are way more good than company partnership. The con part lies with indie developers, I. e., individual developers are the budget. The budget required to develop a game, to make programmings, to mix and match many bits is the sole problem. For creating a software, funds is the sole requirement, and this cannot be ignored, because without a proper budget and enough funds a good video game development cannot be created.

The developers of AppsHunts have used the best programming language for smooth performance of the game on all devices. Those programming language are Python, JAVA, C++, Javascript, php, ruby, C# and many more. These are computing programming languages which is essential for smooth performance of gaming. It is essential for developers to have swift control over the programming, as programming is a language of game development so developers must have flow in knowledge of programming language and codes which shall be used for creating a video game. But the very important question arises that do every keen, knowledged developers and newcomers have smooth pick up in coding language? Do they know how perfectly the coding language is required for video game development?

It is very essential to grab up and mug up every programming for the developers. This helps to bind up their selection into a successful achievement. Programming and coding are equally important for creating a video game like having food for living. Developers must have smooth control over programming and coding because it is the sole requirement for creating any video game, creators then have full control over the structure of the game. JAVA, JavaScript, HTML5 and C++ are the commonly used programming languages for video game development. What's the reason behind hacking?

While creating video games there are certain codes that are used for security check, which makes the video game secured from illegal functions and when those codes are cracked other than the developer of that software, the particular app, video games or softwares get hacked. All the basic elements which are used for making the video games get disclosed and those basic elements are called blueprints of the video game development. But with Appshunts developing team, hacking by some other developers are still tough. It cannot be cracked with easy hands.

The language of coding is a very interesting script, developers must pay attention to coding language more while creating a video game.

In a game there are many interesting factors that should be paid attention equally. Designs, outlook, character creation, button controllers, audio sets, graphics, story and many more things are created. This is the work of an efficient team on how to create the structure. A blend of all these figures and equal contribution of these elements are important for a successful video game development. Sometimes developers have ideas on programming and coding with less knowledge on the designing and structural part of the game. So an art team and production team is also required which collectively include animators, sound mixers, audio controllers and script writers. They help to figure out audio, ambient noise , echoes, a story line and so on . Developers can be designers in many places, because afterall he is the head of the creation and without his imagination a good video game development is hard to make.

While playing a calculative game, players get entertained by audio, music, animation, control, themes, transitions and many other factors. These all characteristics are a blend of the developing team that sits in front of more than 2 PCs at a time for so many days. So before deciding for yourself as a game developer test yourself, ask yourself for the challenges you will have to face, and then practice. A good video game development is worth a hundred times.

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