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In the early days, traveling and transportation was a very big matter of concern. There used to be lots of struggle to book reserve train tickets and book flights for going somewhere. I remember my mother’s story of a long journey from Kharagpur to New Delhi when tickets were only available on railway stations and my grandfather used to book the tickets before 3 months of the journey date. The online booking was not a part of life then. With the passing days, everything is becoming so quick and advanced with technology. Now with one click a person can book travel tickets and can track the timing of any bus, train, or flight. Appshunts Travel & Transportation App Development system is secured with many advanced systems like –

  • E-booking corner and ticketing system
  • Tracking and tracing records
  • E-ticket facility
  • Online payment through cards and UPI
  • Different types of accommodations according to the preferred location
  • Package system
  • Journey calendar (to decide the date of journey)
  • Passenger’s booking record  
  • Cancellation and refund corner
  • PNR Enquiry

The Appshunts Travel and transportation App development is a single formulated website with a multi-task performing stage. Our team has secured a smart counter for generating liberties in traveling and transportation purposes. In one click, the application can support people with trains, buses, and flight bookings. We provide a secure system of traveling agenda with full proof of transporting and traveling notification. The Appshunts majorly tried to solve many other traveling problems through a single website, thus creating a perfect solution to all traveling and transporting problems. The smart team has generated strong and in-depth research of the traveling problems and hence came out with a stand-by solution in a single platform.

From the research team, we came to know many detailed and minute problems that are common within the maximum middle-class group and old people. While creating this website, the team has potentially worked on so many neglected activities like a large amount of data consumption, complex in controlling, unfriendly tools support system, heavy installation on light devices, no booking records, no mapping interface, and many more such activities.

Due to this, the problem of generating e-tickets from home was getting stuck. People had to invest extra money in booking tatkal tickets from e-booking ticket centres and thus they interacted with costly processes of traveling. Many passengers had to cancel their journey because of the headache in booking online tickets. The Appshunts have solved these minute problems by creating a single application. The motto of creating this travel and transportation app development is to satisfy the needs and desires of the clients with fewer complexities. It is a fixed and fluid transit application that encourages good traffic controlling system while online processing of the action. The customizable application has the best controlling management and swift functioning of the software. For calculating any traveling related issues, our calculator is diagnosed with a smart system of user interface and thus it will automatically calculate your fuel cost and speed with time management when required. On the contrary, the application will virtually act as a map that will show the route of traveling with other particular options.

 As a professional application development company, we are providing an electronic and software solution for travel and transportation which can be controlled through any digital devices from anywhere. Our team is an expert in building a valuable business with important clients according to the requirements. The consulting matter and manipulative features of our service providing application are-

E-ticketing services

for traveling in buses, trains or flights, passengers can generate e-tickets for any vehicle at any time for any place from anywhere. This application is a one-click solution platform through which traveling and tourism become an easy task. The passengers have to enter their details and preferred location of traveling and then they can choose from a list of transportation options. After completing the process, an e-ticket will be sent to your entered email id and phone number with filled up details.

Mapping and navigation through GPS

The website has the feature of navigation that helps the passengers to track the place from where they are passing, what is the name of the place, and how much time is left to reach out to the destination. The navigation tells the passenger about the current situation of the traffic at that place and by how much time the bus, train, or flight is delayed. It gives a full track record of the passenger’s transportation for safety purposes.

Rental Cab services

Just like other transport services, we also provide cab bookings for family and friends tours. The rental cab services will lead you to the preferred destination and behave as per your need and requirements. The payments can be done with cards, Paytm, and UPI other than cash. 

Journey calendar

a calendar is provided for calculating you're one-way and return journey date. to decide the planning date, a calendar is required. as soon as you click on the date, a list of transporting options will be opened before you for the preferred journey type.

Cost-Effective offers and deals

We provide offers and deals in cheap as well as in fairly large funding trips. We understand our customer's and client's wishes, so, the team provides particular offers and deals as required. We provide a proper support system to our clients and customers in tough times.

PNR Enquiry

the passenger can navigate his booking details through PNR inquiry. the registered PNR number of the passenger when typed into the selected box, will give you the booking details and current status of the transport and train.

Popular traveling packages

We provide the best traveling collections with cost-effective packages for different places. We give easy access to the detailed information required for booking by the passengers.

Booking Records

In this option, the booking records of the passenger are saved with the date of the journey and all such details, which is required for traveling.

Cancellation and Refund

the cancellation and refund part possess the records of cancelled bookings and the follow-ups of the refunds.

The above pointers are brief of the major services that we provide through our travel and transportation app development. If you are planning for a trip but confused that where to go this time, then there are virtual real trip videos sited in the application for your idea and preferences. the users will get more options to explore places and guide through the application if they are confused between places traveling. We give travel and transport management facilities that the users will find comfortable to use. We serve a multi-tasking performing platform for travel and transportation activity. We are gradually rising our websites with more trendy and updated traveling and transportation features. With growing demands from users, partners, and investors, The Appshunts Travel and Transportation app development are becoming a strong and techno-savvy comfortable area. The pleasing and discipline norms are complimented with a smooth user interface that becomes easy to control and command your demands. That’s why the users have found this website a clear and less complex platform for successful traveling and transportation. From the traveller’s point of view, they will be blessed with cost-effective traveling, cheaper transport tickets, safe traveling, best traveling guide, accurate hospitality, and high star rating accommodation facility from the Appshunts travel and transportation app development. Apart from all these facilities, we encounter our users through, cost-effective budgeting and system efficiency by consuming less flow of data and good communication graphs.

We are very dedicated to our promises made with clients and users with-

Faster response and quick reply facility

Double the investment returns

Experienced team of developers and management

Attractive graphical presentation

Solutions to all travel and transportation complexes

Disciplinary terms and conditions

The Appshunts is the fastest growing software company with updated technological features and user-friendly nature of the processing. Our team of experts guide the beginners with full attention and encourage the new ideas for growing with the recent trends. We believe that passionate employees have always a special place for learning new things in their interested field for developing, so our experienced and matured team work effortlessly with them without bothering in any such activities. The Appshunts have always given n number of changes to the new minds so they can inculcate the culture of the working area. Generally, the newcomers think the office culture as working area but we make them sensitive about our clients and users for whom we are working. This matter of concern takes time to adequate and imprison into the mind of young workers but lately, they understand and start working like the experienced one. We are blessed to have such an efficient team of management and developers’ team who observe deeply and then react to the situation to find some solutions. The Appshunts are loaded with both young and mature minds and so our creativity consists of the benefits of both updated brain functions and experienced work. We keep our valuable clients always informed and cautious about our updates and follow-ups. We believe in keeping our promise.

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