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The story of most backbenchers are narrated on playing tic toe games. This game is the best side time pass of schools, colleges and tuitions. A board of 9 squares with one player choosing X and another player choosing O is the ultimate rule of the game. And the player winning the maximum rounds of the match wins the game . Tic toe is a game of tricks and manipulation, and the most played games in back pages of school notebooks. If you want me to define the game in one word, I will say it nostalgically. I feel very nostalgic with this game because it reminds me of old school days, backbench stories and teachers stories. Every game cannot be like tik toe, it is a game of mathematics, tricks and emotions. The full name of this game is tic tac toe that is manually played between 2 players. One player chooses 'X' to mark in the box and another player chooses 'O' to mark the box. The round ends when X or O is simultaneously placed in a row diagonally, vertically or horizontally. Each player gets an alternative chance to play the game, I. e,. to mark their box and hence the game is short and simple. The game sounds very easy and interesting right! 90s kids have memories of playing this game in backpages of the notebooks, by drawing a 3x3 square grid structure and then players are free to make their moves.

But with advanced technological devices like mobile, laptops and tabloids, tic tac toe has been liked by most players. Appshunts Tic Toe game development is a top notch service providing company that is bound with a good and efficient team of game developers. The company has proved its level with every gaming created application. Appshunts have many skilled developers with years of notable experiences who developed another high tech functioning software with credible support of easy programming languages. The credit of pulling out the fun of playing Tic Tac Toe from copies and small boards to playing the game in devices with that same fun and emotion, was an unbelievable share of the team for the beloved clients. Our highly skilled group of expert developers and managers understand the importance and emotions of the clients and thus they take credible care while developing a successful frolic gaming application.

The Tic Tac Toe game development is very easy to install in all comfortable platforms through websites and application stores.


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There is a very interesting history which lies between advanced gaming systems and traditional ways of playing games. You must have somehow thought that when the advanced gaming system took birth and how it meant to be so famous within system devices ! What must be the utmost importance of technology in gaming zones and which gaming application was apparently the first experiment! Well, the answer to all these questions is Tic Tac Toe. Tic Toe game development is the first video game for computer applications. The EDSAC, computer of the first generation, had its first video game as Tic Tac Toe and with this game a thin bridge of transition from manually played games to advanced gaming systems created. The name 'OXO' was the first video game application of the technical era and hence the system swiftly followed. Even 'OXO' is credited as the world's first video game.

Some common features of Appshunts Tic Tac Toe game are :-

  • Easy installation from Appstore for iOS and from playstore for android devices
  • Help customers services option
  • Offline playing mode
  • Sharing codes through social media
  • Levels
  • Marvelous ambience
  • Interesting sound effects

These are some important features of Appshunts Tic Tac Toe game development that easily supports in android, iOS and other websites. With such amazing features Appshunts Tic Tac Toe game development also supports practice mode through offline computerized gaming.

Things that level up this game is the touch of Europe. The game was invented in 1st century BC named as "Terni Lapilli' in Europe. Earlier the game was a little different from now. Players had 3 pebbles each placed randomly in the box. The game used to round up when the players ended up arranging those 3 pebbles simultaneously in a row diagonally, vertically and horizontally. The one who does it first used to win the round, and thus the game continued. The rituals of Medieval Pagan were linked to the game. Ancient people thought this game to be a magical one. The 3x3 mathematical grids were not calculative to them. So in history, ancient people thought some magical powers used to circulate around the players and in the 9 grids, while playing this game and thus players used to complete them. Going to Middle age stories, that were secret, about this Tic Tac Toe game development. In this age the game really had more than one name. In the Middle Age, the secret areas of society named it " The Magic Square ". The logic behind calculative mathematics was then also lost and people then considered the Tic Tac Toe game development as magic. Some areas connected the chambers as messages delivering grids that convey secret messages of God. Hence, the game was also named as " CABALA OF THE NINE CHAMBERS".

The game took a huge love and spread like oceans and rivers. In 1864, Tic Tac Toe nailed the grounds of England where the rumours like magical reasons, secret magics and the path of messages were proved wrong. The modern vision of England discovered that the game was totally a maths calculation of 3x3 square grids that has no magical powers. In England the game was famous between children in the name of ' Noughts and Crosses'. The Americans named it 'Tit tat toe'. The name was three in a row because X and O were 3 in a row. The transition from Tit Tat Toe to Tic Tac Toe happened when in 1952 EDSAC the game was developed as the first video game. Thus, the TIC TAC TOE got it's final and full fledged official name. The game, whether named as TIT TAT TOE or TIC TAC TOE, will always be a reminder of old school days. Those nostalgic periods cannot get over from our mind. Thus the game will be reminded as X or O.

Tic Tac Toe game development is a finest and interesting creation from Appshunts corner. The top notch game has highly secured settings and prioritizes inputs according to the clients. The team has taken special care of the traditional touch while making the programming of the Tic Tac Toe game development. The application is supported in all platforms and can be easily installed in any devices. The game has very simple rules and regulations to play. There will be 2 players to play the game. One will choose X and the opponent will choose O. If the player is playing offline with a computer then the choosing of marks will be the player's choice at first. Players can send invitations to their choices through any social media sharing platforms and a secret code will be passed on to invitees who will come to the same gaming platform once. There shall be 2 players playing at a time. The game can be shared on social media and with every recommendation a revenue of coins will be transferred to players id by the team. To opt for the best themes, backgrounds and grid colors, players need to finish the challenges given by the developers through the application, hence players will get attractive themes and backgrounds according to their choice. For any inconvenience caused by the players, they can connect to us and our team through the help center which is open for 24x7 hours. Our team is a bunch of active members that will help you whenever required. So users and the audience feel free to connect with our team at any moment. The application is supported by highly maintained securities and thus is considered to be best Tic Tac Toe game development. The audiences have supported us well and appreciated the team to their most. We believe that clients demand and feelings are our part of solutions to solve. So we keep in mind all those needs that are required to build a successful and easy to play application for gamers of all ages. Appshunts has proved its best services in virtual gaming systems and Tic Tac Toe game development is another platform that has been created by our highly skilled programmers and technical team.

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