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The summer is not too far and sitting ideally at home is a kind of boring time pass. So, let's make it little fun and thwart a snake and ladder. I know ludo was a better option, but it was a better option ! Snake and ladder again is an indoor board game of dice family. The journey starts from 1. At starting when the dice rolls 1 then the player starts the game, and the game ends when the player reaches WINPOINT 100. The one who reaches first to the WINPOINT after so many struggles, is the winner of Snake and Ladder. The snake and ladder is a frolic game as it has no competitors but snakes to bite you in your winning path.

The game snake and ladder was invented from India by Hindu spiritual leaders, where they used this game as a teaching method to the kids of those days. In Indian language, the game was named as Parampada which means ladder and Sopanam means snake. In England it was called Snake and Ladder whereas in the United States the game was called Chutes and Ladders. In 1892, Snake and ladder made its way to England from where in 1943 this game was commercially sold to the United States in the name of Chutes and Ladders.

Snakes and ladder in Indian history was used to teach the lessons of virtues and rewards of good deeds. The origin of snake and ladder was from India where Hindu spiritual leaders indicated snakes as poor decisions and vices and the ladders indicated good moral and virtues.

Technically, snake and ladder is a 10x10 set of game that is arranged in a zig-zag pattern. There is a dice that on rolling 1 the player starts the game. It is a sequence of square arrangements of numbers that starts from left to right in bottom and in the next upper line right to left becomes the other sequence, and like this the pattern continues.

In this high and advanced technological era Snakes and Ladder has also become a phonic game. With every ludo game installation there will be another option for Snake and ladder game, like the board one. It is more fun playing on the phone with graphics, smooth dice rolling, color combination of boards, different themes, ambient effects and many more. In devices, players can play online with anyone and also can connect their partner of choices through sharing codes. Players can select their own favourite theme and the hush sound of snakes will entertain you to the fullest. On climbing the ladder, your mother cooking in the kitchen will understand what is going in the game. Well if you don't want to disturb anyone with sounds, just a click and the audio shall turn off.


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So, likely you can see snakes and ladders is fun and frolic and turning your vacations with this game shall pass your good family time and a snake and ladder time will also add in the list of daily schedules instead.

Snakes and ladder is an entertaining game with many ups and cuts. Yes you must be knowing why ups and cuts and why not ups and down. So here's the gaming rule that when landing on a snake, the player's dice gets cut and he falls back down to that number where the snake's tail ends. If players are truly unlucky then they will fall in one and after continuously. Instead there seems a rush of good hope when players land on ladders. The ladder steps up apparently up and up and up. I find, you can play it as many times as you can and there is no question of getting bored of the game.

Snake and ladder is a game of luck and good deeds. The dice encourages the player's state of luck and harmony. The number which reflects after rolling the dice is the luck that rolls in the board.

India Times wrote once about the game Snake and ladder. In their article the game was compared to self-action, good deeds and bad deeds. And Prakriti is the source of the cause and effect of the game. So the whole write up was based on the reason for the origin of Snake and ladder.

In the game of snakes and ladder, little game is mechanics and programming are of bit concern. All the snakes do not have the same diameter, they are of different lengths at different places. Those lengths are calculated through mathematics and a whole graphical structure is made for placing of the snake. The placing of snakes are decided through tough mathematical calculations and then they are listed as decided. There are altogether 9 snakes in which there will be a long snake in the uppermost position somewhere nearby in the 80's or 90's house sequence and the smallest one is placed in the middle of somewhere. Likewise ladders also have different measurements. Some are very tall and some are of middle and small heights. Ladders are 11 in numbers and thus help to climb the match. But the ladders are the least frequently used tool in a snake and ladder game. The ladders are also placed after mathematics calculations and hence randomly placing of snakes and ladders are the result of solving high tech mathematics.

The making of snakes and ladders is totally a game of mathematics. Supposedly, in a row of 50 when players roll the dice into 3 it will take them to 53 but on rolling the dice 6 the players will be at 53 only. Here is the game of maths. It is why because landing on 56, the player will be cut by a snake that will slide the player to 53. Here the probability of going to 53 from 50 is 2/6 instead of being ⅙. So you must have encountered the mathematical aspects of the game. I feel every math is fun and so the game is so intriguing and interesting, right.

This was a short example on how the game is being created. Whether on board or playing on devices, calculations of squares are the same everywhere. Without these mathematical equations the game of snakes and ladders cannot be made. But then there's little add ups in phonic ludo games. As mentioned earlier, snakes and ladders played in devices need a good and efficient team of developers and programmers. A team of developers ensure that some additional values must be included such as earning coins by which one can buy their selective themes. Some other things that are being included -

  • Creative background
  • Script structure
  • Audios
  • Ambient
  • Color combination
  • Various designed boards
  • Coding language through which the game works smoothly in devices.
  • Magnetic power of screen touch

And the game here completes its whole body. There are many coding factors that make this game successful in its own terms.

So above mentioned paragraphs is a secret about the making of snakes and ladders and I know this will be a little astonishing to know that even a casual looking game includes such hard conspiracy theories of maths. So have a good fun playing and fun leaving vacations with hush and step up, yes with snakes and ladders.

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