Food Delivery Mobile App

Utilize the Best of Technology

We also make mobile applications for Food Delivery also, that facilitates smooth functionality to order your food.

We focus on:

  • User-friendly app
  • Multi-languages
  • High standard UI/UX

What Is Food Delivery Mobile App?

By the help of this app, you can order your favorite food anytime anywhere. If you know any famous or your favorite restaurant you can order your food from there also.

Why You Need Cab service Mobile App?

In this busy world, sometimes people don’t have time for their food also. At that time you can get your food within some minute.

What you have to do is just click what kind of food you want to have and you will get that within some time to your place.

What you have to do is just click what kind of food you want to have and you will get that within some time to your place.

You need an app which can help the user to order their food at the proper time. And AppsHunts promises to fulfill all the requirements you need.


We have 3 Modules

  • User
  • Admin
  • Delivery Man


  • Pre-login
  • User profile
  • User profile
  • Payment getaway
  • Order your food
  • Get current location
  • Show nearby restaurant on the map
  • Calculate Order price
  • Calculate delivery charge
  • Processing of your order
  • Order tracking
  • Order delivered
  • Order history
  • Support
  • Offers
  • Support
  • Coupon code
  • Push notification
  • Social Login
  • Rate our App
  • App link share


  • Pre-login
  • Change password
  • Manage delivery man
  • Manage users/customers
  • Mange google Api’s
  • Manage delivery man
  • Reports of orders
  • Support response

Delivery Man

  • Pre-login
  • OTP
  • Show Map
  • Allow Active or Not
  • Accept Request
  • Track location of user
  • Ride Start
  • Ride Track by from to destination location by map
  • Ride Stop
  • Review or rating for the user
  • Payment Accepted
  • Check order history
  • Filter of trips


In our AppsHunts team we have bunch of experts, who have been in the industry for years now, providing our services in various niches we now understand, how important is a mobile application for you.

We make sure your application reflects your values and makes your customers happy.


Connect with us and we will discuss in detail, about your budget and how we can make the best use of it.

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