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Digitalization has been so much influential even education classes could not stop itself to be limited within the wooden doors of the classes. The technology has changed the mode from searching and online gaming system to online education. Common people never had an idea about online classes or tutorials from definite applications but the technology with the collaboration of digitalization made it possible. The digital education system has made enormous things possibly done like online classes via group video calls, photo sharing, visual sharing, and many more things. Without taking physical coaching classes, students can crack competitive exams through online classes. Even educational institutions sometimes rely on online classes for education. Digital educational platforms have become a new trend of infotainment in the networking area. The children are growing into techno-kids in recent times with gadgets like mobile, laptops iPad in hands and very less percentage of students have been boycotted from electronic gadgets. With the online education, many things have changed and transferred like- books have changed into pdfs, word documents, files, and many other things whereas pencils and pens are shifted to keyboards, touch screens, google search, etc., The 90s kids have enjoyed the reading part from books, novels, and notebooks but now the aura of the educational system has deviated to electronic gadgets and digital education. The recent trend of electronics with the partnership of networking has given a boost to online education through the app development sector. The education system was a matter of concern for students and their studies but nowadays it has generated a profitable business area. People were looking forward to getting a single application with multiple platforms. The Appshunts has created a software application for educational and tutorial purpose with n number of exciting features like-

Live session

as it is an online digital media platform, so just like classes are allotted in time-based structure, here online live video classes are available in a particular time-slot. Live sessions will be conducted on a definite subject and the topic. The live sessions are saved for further references. In the live session, students can ask their doubts through a comment box that will be flashed in front of the screen and teachers can provide you better solutions. Users can minimize the video if required. the live session is a type of broadcast video calling structure by the teacher to whom many students can connect to them for their beneficial lectures at the same time.

News Corner

the upcoming generations are way smarter and sharper than before. To divert them in the right direction bookish knowledge is not enough to polish their minds. Bookish knowledge is always limited, to free up their brains in all directions our team has provided News Corner that will help them with news updates from all around the world. The News Corner has all the news channels, print journals, and newspapers and detailed videos of all current topics that will help the kids to learn and grow better. The new corner has national and international news, sports news, political news, terror attacks, entertainment news, technological news, space news, and many more. It is the most vibrant section of the application.

Profile Review

during signing up, users have certain options to choose according to them like a competitive examination or regular class, type of examination, language preference, which class. The users can preview their profile as many times as they want. After signing in students can select their preferred subject, class, and topic of discussion.

Special Classes

there are specially conducted classes for the students. These special classes are the type of seminars that are held by special experienced persons on a particular topic. Special classes are given as a result of experiencing practical things apart from studies that are in the syllabus.

Upcoming Sessions

we notify our users about the upcoming session. We give detailed information about upcoming classes like what is the timing, topic of concern, name of the teacher, and preferred language. There will be pop-ups for updating about the upcoming sessions, to the students.

Cheap Subscription

this is a very cheap application to complete all your studies as required. If you to a coaching tutorial class, you must be spending near about 60-70k per year but the cost of subscription here is cheap and subtle. With it, users get the benefit of suitable deals and offer attractive discounts.

Print Journals and e-library

with videos and online classes, we provide print journals for further practice and notes. Sometimes videos and online classes do not give 100% knowledge, so print journals are very much important for the time. students can secure those journals by downloading in the form of pdfs, into the device.

Social Media

when it comes to digitalization and gadgets, social media has to be part of it. Users can share relative videos and print notes to anyone through social messaging applications. Users can share the application through social media for further reference to anyone. 

E degree

Students can download a pdf of learning certificate that proves the child has taken training in this subject and efficiently completed the course in time. so that students can add experience in their CV for growing up in life.


students can save the live session like YouTube downloads. it will help the students to take those lectures in their free time in less network also. students can save the videos by downloading them and can play them in just a click.

We have witnessed a very major section of changes in the past few years. Without digitalization and internet service life is slow and dislocating. We know what is the demand of current kids and learners in this era. Not only machines but humans have also become multi-tasker and so they are not limited to a single place or area. Life has become so fast that even people do not have time to focus on date and time. everything is becoming automatic and fast. At a fast pace, people do not want to waste time on silly things rather they are always after learning something or want to achieve a height of success. Thus, updated technology is a result of this fast life that we are running on. life is just like a treadmill, just by one click people start running on a platform and with every accepting speed, we want to achieve more and more speed. And after getting tired, one-click switches of the labour.

The Appshunts has always followed its prototype on developing a software application. Before launching the application in mass followings, our team examines it before a team of experts and releases it a short mass structure. Appshunts Education and Tutoring App development is a successful application that has loved by many users and students. They find this application a great e-learning platform for all types of students. The real teaching methods have replaced the classroom nuisances where teachers can teach every student with full concentration. The application is well designed by our expert team and the marketing strategy has lifted the level up of the application. Our development team is well versed in certain things like-

  • Attractive website design
  • Friendly UI/UX
  • Bright Graphics and good graphical representation
  • Compatible in all software platforms
  • Compatible with every type of devices
  • Quick installation
  • Less data consumption
  • Less battery drainage

The application is provided with advertising and marketing benefits. the above-listed points were features of the Education and Tutoring App development, where students are benefited with multiple things through a single application set-up. The E-learning industry is a very broad topic to discuss but when comparing e-classes with physical classes, some points will sound logically good and smart. The benefits of e-learning system are –

The students and learners get instant pop-up notifications about the exams and admission procedures. The teachers can solve complex doubts personally in chats with the students through the Appshunts Education and tutorial App development. and students can send their doubts personally to the teachers if required.

In a classroom due to many unsupported incidents, teachers fail to complete the syllabus. But with the Appshunts online education and tutoring app development, teachers are free to upload their syllabus videos anytime so that students can manage their studies and complete them on time.

The marks tracker will help the students to see the exact percentage of change in growth or by how much the student is a downfall in which subject, so that they can improve themselves. There is no time limit or boundary of age. No extra money expenses for coaching, buying books, etc.

The education system is available in every possible time. learners can take classes whenever they are interesting.

The books are available 24x7 for downloading, so the students don’t have to wait for the libraries to open their doors.

There is no issuing and returning time-limit. The students can keep copies of the books of their preferred subject accordingly.

The Appshunts E-learning Education and Tutoring App development is a solution to all problems of the physical classes. Often the middle-class people and lower-middle-class people face problems investing in higher education and thus many talents get suppressed due to financial problems. The Appshunts Education and Tutoring App Development is a great move for those who want to grow and achieve their part of success with a compatible and comfortable life ahead.

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