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The Winning Team is an educational and vocational training company. Mr. S P Bharill is the founder of this Winning Team. He is the best motivational speaker, educator, business consultant and also he is a very successful entrepreneur and a success icon too.

Winning Team gives the personality development training, workshop and seminars.

Winning Team's aim is to identify the needs of people and provide them the right business opportunities that empower people to realize their goal by giving them with the best education to build a long term, sustainable, profitable independent business with value & principles.

Winning Team's aim is to inspire and assist people by making them realize their true potential to fulfill their Goal.


It says that "Challenges make you stronger, more determined and more focused on your goals". During this project also we deal with many Challenges.

  • Challenge 1: Mobile App version might not be updated.
  • Challenge 2: Retain a large number of user’s data.
  • Challenge 3: High shipping cost would turn down customers.
  • Challenge 4: App Performance.
  • Challenge 5: Audio, Video downloaded functionality not showing on document folder.
  • Challenge 6: No check-out option available for guests User.

Solution 1: We use auto update API's (It allow an application to control and monitor applying over the air (OTA) software updates to the device).

Solution 2: We use Optimised Query ( It follow the SQL best practices to ensure query optimization) and database retains procedure.

Solution 3: We use discount and coupon code functionality.

Solution 4: We use the latest technology of native apps.

Solution 5: We use Encryption and De-Encryption process with use private folder.

Solution 6: We provide Multitype of option of login and checkout.

Technology Stack

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Swift, Java

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Xcode, Android studio

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