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Why you should learn mobile application development?

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Why you should learn mobile application development

Did you know that you spend more time browsing through your applications than cooking or exercising? According to the statement of Mark Zuckerburg to Forbes, “On average, a person spends 50 minutes a day on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.” Compare this with the data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics regarding the amount of time we spend on other daily tasks: exercise (19.2 minutes), reading (17.4 minutes), cooking (35.4 minutes).

The truth is that we spend our days glued to our smartphones and much of that time in mobile applications. It is not surprising that application developers get a good payment and that their skills are so much in demand. Selfies, status updates, games, browsing, reading articles, shopping, e-learning, everything is online. Having a website or a mobile application is like having an asset today. Everyone hits the website or the mobile application to get the data, information and look of anything.

Today in the literal and practical online world, each company tries to promote its products and services through the internet. The nature of the business or the quality of its products is determined by your website or application. The presence on the web plays a vital role in the reputation of the company.

A well-designed website and a mobile application play a key role in improving the reach of your products and services. The first impression is the last impression. And this applies the same for your mobile application. If the customer is not impressed with the look and feel of your application, he will not think twice before moving on to another one.
In short, the user interface and the user experience has to be perfect and magnetic enough to keep the customer glued to your app. And the main players of this game are the mobile application developers. After all, they are the one who actually takes the pain to create that impeccable mobile application for you. So now you know why the mobile application developers are in demand.

What are the Benefits of learning mobile application development?

If you are thinking to take up application development as a career, just go for it. If you are confused as to why you should learn mobile application development, keep reading. Today we are going to discuss this topic:-
1. Better Work opportunities:-
The increasing number of Internet users and the resulting proliferation of websites and mobile applications have generated a high demand for qualified professional developers for web and mobile applications in India and abroad. If you are looking for a job at the end of the course, here are some profiles you can get.
a) Front End Developers
b) Back-end developers
c) Web application developers.
d) Mobile application developers
e) Web analyst
f) User interface designer
The development of web and mobile applications covers all those who plan, create and manage the application or the website. You can be a member of a team of beginning developers. You can be the team leader, as well as the project manager, based on your experience and professional experience.

Better Jobs opportunities

2. Salary scale:-
Glassdoor is a website where employees and former employees review companies anonymously and their administration. According to Glassdoor giants such as TCS, Cognizant pays up to Rs. 1.6 million/year to the web developer. While Accenture and Infosys pay up to Rs 6.50,000/year. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a web developer in India is 3,79,215 rupees / Annum.

3. Become an entrepreneur, be your own boss:-
If you have an innovative idea, you can be an entrepreneur and start a business. Since you know that mobile application development is very much in demand, after getting the complete development knowledge, you can open your own company.
It can be a very profitable decision because after learning mobile application development, you will be an expert in it and know how to handle all the challenges. You could hire a few app developers under you and take projects from other companies.
So, instead of looking for work or working in unwanted work culture, you can create your own mobile application development company.

4. Become a Game developer:-
A game developer or programmer creates works of art and writes source codes for games played on computers or on smartphones and game consoles. He is responsible for developing the complete programming and coding of the game. Imagine if you developed a game like PUB-G, you could be a millionaire in no time.
With the explosive growth of the smartphone and user market, the gaming market is also growing. It’s not just the amount of experience you have in the industry, you must have an attractive game to sell and only a game developer can give that.

game developers

You can get a good job if you have good knowledge of game development. Some companies even share their profits with their employees. You can design and own a game and earn a lot by presenting it in app stores. Revenue in this field depends on the number of downloads and ads you run.
There are as many games as Subway Surfer, Dr. Driving and Candy Crush that have been downloaded more than 500 million times. Video game developer’s salary range in India starts from Rs. 2,06,279/- to 19,33,728/-

5. Mobile Application development is sweeping the markets:-
Nick D. Aloisio, a 16 yr old schoolboy from South London, has become one of the youngest technology millionaires in the world after selling his Summly mobile application to Yahoo. Nick received almost $ 30 million in exchange for Yahoo.
What a great achievement at the age of only 16! It is the power of the mobile application in this age of the internet. You can also design and develop some extraordinary out the box type app. Who knows, you can be the next Nick.
Companies often develop mobile applications for multiple platforms at the same time, to maximize market penetration and return on investment. The growing smartphone market in India offers many professional opportunities to aspiring app developers in India. You can easily get a job as an application developer. The average salary of an application developer in India is Rs. 4, 87,187/- according to payscale.com. It may vary depending on the company and the skills you have.

6. Teaching:-
You can earn extra income by teaching application development at a part-time institute while doing a job. It only takes an hour and a half or two a day. Sometimes only on weekends. There are so many institutes looking for people from the industry to provide practical knowledge to their students. They are willing to pay a good amount to these people.
According to Payscale.com, a website for salary reviews, you can get up to 2,000 euros per hour. The teachers of these institutes earn several bonuses per year.
You can also set up your own training institute. One last thing to add, online learning is becoming a very popular way of learning. There are as many e-learning platforms as edX, Coursera, Udemy, etc. You can also enter your course on these platforms and earn a lot with that.

7. Freelance:-
Freelance work offers a lot of flexibility compared to usual office work. You can work from any corner of the world with the help of the Internet. All we need is a computer system and an Internet connection. It is not necessary to go to a physical workplace. This flexibility has many advantages, such as the ability to control your workload, you are less likely to get sick, you can have as many breaks and sleep as you want.
The main advantage of self-employment is that you can stay with your family all the time. There are so many companies that work with developers who work remotely. You can find many opportunities to work as a freelance application developer. You can work on a complete project or be part of the company’s project and work remotely. As an independent professional, you can obtain many types of projects, such as fixed price projects, projects on time, etc. The prices of the projects per hour start from $ 10/hour up to $ 50/hour. While for fixed price projects, the price may vary according to nature and complexity.

8. The best return on investment:-
“If you really want to succeed, invest in yourself to acquire knowledge, you must find your unique factor, and when you find it and concentrate on it and persevere, your success will flourish.” – Sydney Madwed. A very real and inspiring quote about the investment. It is always better to invest in oneself to acquire knowledge and skills.
Learning from experts and experienced will always be beneficial because you will learn practical skills and you can get trending updated knowledge.

9. Community support:-
“It’s always good to have a helping hand at the start. No matter how incredibly smart you think you are, or how brilliant, disruptive or plain off-the-wall, your new concept might be, every start-up team needs at least one good mentor.” – Richard Branson, founder, and CEO of Virgo. Working in a community gives us the opportunity to learn from each other. There are many people in the community with different areas of expertise.

Build Network

It is a group of like-minded people. You can always enjoy the experience of others to avoid making mistakes. If you are stuck at a point where you can not continue, in this situation, you can appeal to the community to solve this problem. You can trust people who know the subject well. Working in a community offers different points of view on the same subject. This gives you the option to have multiple solutions and opinions for your query.
Thanks to the Internet, mobile and web developers have access to many good communities like:
a) Battery overflow: where developers learn, share and build careers
b) Battery exchange software engineering
c) Hacker News
d) Hashnode: helps software developers stay relevant and connected
e) Geekli.st – The geeks share what they did and connect with big companies
f) Coderwall – A community of great programmers and their programs.

10. Build a good network, around the world:-
Working in a community provides the opportunity to build good relationships. These are very important to improve a professional career. Everyone is just a click away from all over the world. There is no obstacle because the Internet is the medium. If you want to move abroad, you can find a good job according to your recommendation. No university degree is necessary. This is the main advantage that you do not need a university degree to learn about the development of mobile or web applications. Everything starts at the beginner level. The salary is based on the knowledge you have and not on the level of education or degree.

So, if you’re good at programming and want to pursue a career in web application development or mobile application development, you’re on the right track. There are many opportunities and a very good range options for application developers.
If you are new to web and mobile development, you can start learning online or take a short course of 3 to 4 months in a good web and mobile development institute in your city. Contact the best application development company AppsHunts and get the right answer to all your queries.

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