" Why and How User Experience is Important for your Website?

Why and How User Experience is Important for your Mobile App?

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“People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel.”

And this quote suits perfectly for your mobile application as well. Having a mobile application developed, is not the only goal.

It is equally important that we look at the user side of it.

That is when UX- User Experience comes into the play.

In this blog, we are going to discuss, what is user experience and how it is important for your mobile application.


UX design means a positive experience a user has while using the mobile application. And, one of the major focuses of UX design is discoverability and efficiency.

This becomes even more important in mobile applications as majority of the people are shifting to mobiles from PCs and laptops.

Another important reason is, a user decides if he wants to stay or leave the page within seconds.

If your application is not providing the best user experience, you will not be able to sustain the user.

Basically, UX design means how a mobile application feels to the user. And, the experience of navigating through the app and using it is crucial.

And, before moving any further, let us look at what are the UX Design deliverables. This would help us get more insights and understand UX Design.

  1. User Persona:

    It is very important that the designers and developers know the consumers really well.

    This would help them create a personalized experience for them. When this happens, your mobile application starts to sell better and is also famed for the same.

  2. Competitive Analysis:

    This is the first step towards developing a mobile application. Through this, the developers analyze what the competitors are doing, how they are doing it and how can the data be used.

    This data is then used to make your mobile application stand out from your competitors.

  3. Experience Mapping:

    As the name suggests, it maps a consumer’s journey, flow, etc. This is done to provide a practical, simple and interactive mobile application to the users.

Why is UX important?

UX Design is crucial for any business. It reflects your business’s values and ethics. Also, connects your customers to your brand. It is closely linked with customer interaction on your mobile application.

An effective UX design is important to attract new customers and retain them.

It is an important attribute in increasing consumer trust and satisfaction.

The UX design should be such that the consumers have a pleasurable experience.

Why you need UX Design in your mobile application?

This is a very important attribute in your mobile application development. A good UX Design includes:

  • Language
  • Visuals
  • Notifications
  • Attractive design
  • Effective toggles
  • Easy navigation

An interactive mobile application is what aids in the success of the app. Specialized UX Designers make the best mobile application that matches the industry standards and gives an impeccable user-experience.

It is shown that in 2017, 197 billion was the number of app downloads and this stat is going to shoot up to 353 billion, by 2021.

Effective UX design makes up to an unbeatable competition and increased ROI.

In this fast-paced world, people are constantly looking for things and technologies that can make their lives easier.

   But, how does it make my mobile application any better?

This is a very common question. Let us look at some of the crucial areas of mobile application development. And how does UX play an important role.

-Grabs attention:

Great design and flexibility to use the mobile application make users spend more time on it. Not just this, it attracts new customers fairly easily.

This could be a key point to increase your ROI and consumer base.

-Shine in application stores:

As more people start to engage with your application, you will start to receive more positive feedbacks.

As a result, your ratings will increase and your ranking in the app store too.

This is a great sign that your mobile application is working well. And also, it is helping people out.

-Smooth navigation:

Brilliant UX Design helps people to navigate easily and smoothly through the mobile application.

This is very important if you want more people to use your application and spend more time on it.


At AppsHunts, we understand how important is it for you to connect with your audience. Also, our developers are proficient and consider all the above-listed points while curating your mobile application.

So, keep, user experience a priority while getting your mobile application developed.

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