" What are the different mobile application development platforms?

What are the different mobile application development platforms?

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The online world is becoming smaller. Not in the literal sense but everyone is moving from bigger to smaller screens. 

In short, it’s now the Online Mobile World. 

More or less, everything can be accessed and done on a mobile, so why not carry the online world in your pocket? This change also means that the businesses need to shift to mobiles too. 


The simplest answer is to get a mobile application for your business. But the question that might be troubling you is which is the best platform for your mobile application. 

Do not worry, this blog has all the information that you need to know about

What are the different mobile application development platforms?

But before we jump in, let us first understand:
What is a mobile application development platform (MADP)?

Mobile Application Development platform (MADP) is basically a set of software tools that are used to design, create and manage mobile applications. A subset of this is the mobile enterprise application platform, which provides mobile application tools to businesses.

A company can create its own mobile application development platform or buy one from the third-party available in the market. 
MADPs sold by external providers usually include features such as the mobile backend as a service (BaaS), front-end development tools and administration tools for application programming interfaces (APIs). 

MADP can also provide native, web and hybrid application development capabilities, as well as mobile application management (MAM) tools for application protection and deployment. The term MADP was first introduced by the research company Gartner. It seems to have replaced two other terms after MADP, The mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) and The mobile consumer application platform (MCAP).

Now that you have an idea of what is a mobile application development platform, let us explore all the best possible platforms available for mobile application development. 

Different Mobile Application Development Platforms

Like stated earlier, you might have given a thought about getting a mobile application for your business. You also have great and innovative ideas for their application, but the one thing everyone gets stuck is – coding and programming. 

Everyone is not an application developer and not having complete knowledge about it is obvious. In this case, many of you drop the idea of getting the mobile application developed. They remain stuck in their thoughts about coding or programming. 

Some stop by simply getting confused with the number of platforms available in the market to develop the mobile application. Several questions come to your mind like:
Which platform should I choose?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the platforms?
Which platform is best for my business? Etc.

You will find the answers to all your questions here. Below is the list of the platform for mobile application development.  Let’s see the information about each platform with its advantages and disadvantages so that you can compare and choose the best platform for the development of your mobile application.

Ionic is one of the most used platforms for the development of mobile applications. One of the most magnetic features of this platform is that it is free. 
ionic app development platform

In general, this is a client-side infrastructure that allows you to create native applications that combine HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript.
The Ionic framework is also compatible with the latest mobile devices and provides a solid foundation for the mobile application before its final release in the market.
The HTML5 element also helps create hybrid applications. There is no doubt that it is considered one of the best assets for the development of progressive web applications. It works well with the powerful software development kit, such as Angular. It also works better with PhoneGap and Córdoba.

React native
This is another popular multi-platform frameworks that Facebook, the king of social networks, has launched. Although it started a few years ago in 2013, it has become one of the favourite options for mobile application developers.

React native app development platform

React Native is essentially an open-source platform that offers extensive support for IDE and other mobile application development tools. It is supposed to be one of the best JavaScript frameworks for creating native applications for Android and iOS platforms. You can choose to React for the Web and the development of mobile applications.

Software giant Microsoft based in San Francisco introduced Xamarin. To make the most of Xamarin, developers must have a basic knowledge of C# code and then they can develop useful applications for Android, iOS and Windows.
Xamarin platform gives you the flexibility of sharing codes using Windows and Mac OS platforms. By this code sharing, feature developers can save a lot of time.

Xamarin app development

Adobe PhoneGap
This platform is very easy to use and the best thing is if there is an alternation or a change in the development of the mobile application, you can see do instinctively with PhoneGap.  Again, this is a cross-platform application development platform where developers can develop applications in JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS.

If you plan to develop a hybrid application, it should be at the top of your priority list. This incredible configuration not only offers the best performance in its class but also gives developers the freedom to work without hardware restrictions. You can develop applications for almost all major operating systems, in addition to Android and iOS. It also has the power to add more features with the addition of add-ons.

Flutter is an open-source mobile application development SDK and was launched by Google. It is a popular multi-platform application development and is written in Dart language. However, when it comes to choosing the platform, it is more suitable for the development of hybrid applications. It uses the 2D rendering engine called Skia to develop the images.
The images are similar to the design of materials and the Cupertino style. It is also much easier to test your project in Flutter. You do not have to restart your project in case of error.

flutter app development platform

Corona SDK
Corona SDK is ten times faster than other mobile development platforms. One of the important aspects is its compatibility with Lua, a light programming language that offers speed, ease of use and flexibility to develop applications.
Therefore, if you have to code at a good speed without degrading the quality of the application, this should be your choice. In addition, it is also free and compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

JQuery Mobile
JQuery is a development platform based on HTML5. One of the things that makes it unique is that it can work on all devices with a code version. You can use this platform to create mobile applications and websites and with extended compatibility for all types of operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, Blackberry, Firefox, Kindle and more.
The jQuery version can be downloaded in two variants.
A custom frame or the latest stable version. 
This quickly shows that their popularity and demand increase with the development of faster applications combined with add-ons.

UI Angular Mobile

UI Angular Mobile app development platform

The mobile angular user interface combines the implementation of the bootstrap platform and the angular platform. It simplifies the development process and creates applications using HTML5.
Developers can also use Fastclick.js and Overhrow.js to provide a seamless experience. This is also a free platform. Platforms are the most important management tools to create any mobile or web application. It must be remembered that each project or application has a different requirement and, therefore, the choice of the platform must be cautiously and after determining all the essential factors.

Intel XDK
It is also a cross-platform mobile application development framework that can help create meaningful applications with the help of add-ons. You can develop responsive and interactive applications for all devices. It also facilitates the tasks of testing, debugging and emulation, as well as the development of the application.
The Intel XDX framework is also compatible with futuristic technologies such as IoT and the popular platform such as Node js. It also has the advantage of having an overview of your project live if you make changes. It also has the drag and drops feature to develop applications and avoid getting unwanted codes.

Native scripts
This has been classified as the best platform for the development of hybrid applications. Telerik, a software company based in Bulgaria, supports this platform and Progress is the creator.
Applications that use native scripts use the same APIs, similar to Xcode or Android Studio. You can get enough help in the form of tutorials on the official website.

Year 2019 may see may new additions to the platforms for mobile application development, but the above listed are the best choice for the application developers. 
If you want to know more about mobile application development platforms and which is the best platform for your mobile application ideas, do not delay in contacting the best mobile app development company – AppsHunts
Our team of experts will guide choose the best suitable platform for your business and create the perfect mobile application for you.

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