" Want A Thriving Business? Focus on Native app, Web app, And Hybrid App

Want A Thriving Business? Focus On Native App, Web App, And Hybrid App!

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Want A Thriving Business Focus On Native App Web App And Hybrid App

Android is extremely fragmented and becoming more fragmented day by day. It is one of the foremost open systems. Mobile apps became a kingpin of innovation as there is a mobile app for almost everything: dating, ride, finance, food, gaming, email, music, insurance, etc.  Your mobile is with you every minute of the day and expectations of all mobile users- that it must be responsive and reliable and to give you the answers that you need on an urgent basis.

With the growing market of smartphone devices, most of the businesses are adopting ways to include mobile apps in their business, in order to make their business thriving and market outreach. Innovation comes to the challenge to stay in the competition, and competition is another name for growth.

When a user interacts with organizations, it expects to try to do business with them via their mobile devices. The foremost important decision an Android company makes before entering the world of mobile app development regards the approach they wish to take when building a mobile app.

  • Do you want to astound and entice your users by building a completely native application that integrates into the platform of their choice?
  • Or are you more curious about taking a minimum viable product approach and quickly developed hybrid applications that will be released across platforms?

These strategies are likely to result in a less than ideal user experience with sub-par performance.


According to a study, the users have a low tolerance for buggy apps, 79% would retry an app only once or twice if they failed to work for the first time and only 16% would give it more than two attempts.

The moment you think about investing in a Mobile App, You are faced with a barrage of terminology. What are Native App, Web App, and Hybrid App? These three are the main mobile app types, you can explore these for your mobile app development project. All development path holds intrinsic value but many companies face a frequent challenge – Which approach Should we choose for our project?

The answer depends on the company’s priorities and some factors such as-

  • How quick you need an app
  • If an organization develop an app-in house
  • The objective of building the app
  • What you are trying to achieve with the app
  • Your budget for an app development
  • What features you need
  • Customer experience can make or break the success of an app

For more information about these apps and for a better understanding which approach will be right, let’s understand what exactly Native app, Web app, and hybrid app.

What is a Native App?

This is the most common type of software or program built in a specific programming language to perform a specific task on ios or Android platforms. The app development is simple and easy and there is numerous resource available, but it might not be easily understandable to everyone. These apps are developed using (SDK) Software development tools for a certain framework, hardware platform or operating system. And take advantage of OS features and other software tools that are installed on that platform. They also have access to various mobile phone functions: camera, gallery, contact list, GPS, etc. 

Native App

Why should you use Native Apps?

# Better user experience
# Fast performance
# Reliability
# Support online and offline transactions
# Features can be exploited
# Secure
# More interactive and intuitive
# Allow developers to access the full features of the device
# Immediate access to new features
# Run smoothly in terms of user input and output.
# Receive complete support from the app store and overall app market
# Not too much dependencies on open source libraries and platforms like Iconic and Cordova. 

What is a Web App?

A web app is an application program that is stored on a remote server and delivers over the internet through a browser interface. It loads in browsers such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox and doesn’t need to be downloaded from app stores. These apps condense website content to improve functionality. The best thing web apps have that it doesn’t take up storage on the user’s device. 
Web apps can be designed to provide a wide variety of functionality from a bank account to youtube video viewing and can be used by anyone from an organization to an individual for numerous reasons. 

Web app

Why should you use a Web App?

# Allow access to multiple users at the same time, at the same version of an application.
# Doesn’t need to be installed separately
# It can be accessed through various platforms such as desktop, tablet, laptop or mobile.
# It can be accessed through multiple browsers
# Easy to maintain
# Can be built for all platforms
# Less expensive
# The newest version always loads when a user opens a web app
# Doesn’t need to download
# Doesn’t require approval from the app market 
# It can be released at any time and in any format

What is a Hybrid App?

Hybrid App is a software or program application that combines elements of both the Native app and the Web app. It is built with HTML, CSS, and javascript and run in webview, a simple browser within your app. It allows a developer to write code once and still accommodates various platforms and that’s why Hybrid apps are accepted widely. It can be easily downloaded from the platform’s app store and can get accessed to all the native platforms. 

Hybrid App

Why should you use hybrid Apps?

# Single code base for all platforms means write once and run anywhere
# Based on web technologies, so the same app can run on multiple browsers
# Integration with the mobile device’s file system
# Easier to launch patches and updates
# It can work online and offline
# It is Cheaper to develop
# Better Integration with web-based services
# Faster build time 
# A great option for you if you want to take advantage of device capabilities like camera, geolocation, etc.
# Doesn’t need an advanced graphics performance
# Target multiple mobile platforms
# Save time and money
# Easier to scale


Hope you like this blog, Thanks for reading our blog. Native App, Hybrid App, and Web app each have their own strength. And which one you choose entirely depends on your startup’s needs. After considering your prospects, it is important to work with an app developer that can bring your idea to life efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Working with a professional outsource development team is a good way to make your mobile app development project. At Apphunts, we help you to choose the right app for your business and connect you to our network. If you want to read more blogs, You can visit the website blog section and can like share and comments on our blogs. 

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