" Top 5 Benefits of having Chatbots for Your Business

Top 5 Benefits of having Chatbots for Your Business

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Top Benefits of Chatbots for Your Business

Chatbots have been growing for a year or two and have already been widely adopted. They are bringing a new way for businesses to communicate with the world and, most importantly, help explore the popularity of messaging apps with their customers, the rapid development and emergence of all types of sensors and definitely with the rise of technologies and artificial. Intelligence (AI). 

The number of businesses using them has grown rapidly. Facebook’s Messenger-linked chatbots increased from 30,000 in 2016 to over 100,000 in 2017. By the year 2020, 80% of businesses want their own, and 60% of the young population already use them daily.

What is a Chatbot and Why is it Becoming a Big Adventure?

A chatbot is a program, driven by rules and AI, that simulates real interaction with users through a chat interface. In other words, a chatbot is a service that can communicate with you like a real person. 

Chatbots – Basically it is based on machine learning to gather interactive tables that allow them to copy human conversations and react to written or spoken requests to deliver a service. They understand the language, not just because they use AI. Therefore, the more conversations chatbots have with users, the more intelligent they become.

Let’s take a look at the top benefits of chatbots and get a better understanding of how they can contribute to your business.

Top 5 Benefits of Chatbots for Your Business

What are the Benefits of Chatbots for Your Business

1. Keep Up with Latest Trends: Being on the Messaging Platform

According to many surveys, it shows us that messaging applications reached more users than social media networks in the first quarter of 2015. Since customer preferences are on the verge of interacting with brands via chat, it’s easier and faster to use – businesses now have the opportunity to reach more customers through chatbots while staying fashionable for their customers. 

Furthermore, 65% of smartphone users do not download any new app in a month. Since users have main apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc., they do not look for new ones. Therefore, integrating your own chatbot into one of the popular platforms that your customers use daily may be better than building a new app by saving money and time. 

2. Improved Customer Service

According to a survey, it shows that 83% of online buyers require support during their shopping time. Therefore, you may need to help your customers understand which products are suited to their needs/budget anytime. In addition, those online buyers may not know what they are looking for because of navigation issues when they are on your site, may have registration, payment, checkout and delivery questions, or lack information about a product. 

Well, In these kinds of situations, chatbots can provide support like a sales person in real-time. In addition, chatbots can offer interactive communication where they ask questions to understand the real problem. Also, with text and voice, they can offer customers rich content with product pages, pictures, blog entries, tutorial videos based on their reactions that can help them through their journey. 

The customer support process can be improved with the help of chatbots. Bots can be programmed to provide automated answers to repeated queries and forward the request to the real person if more complex action is required. This enables human customer service representatives to save time and assist in more important matters rather than consuming simple tasks. 

Additionally, with the help of chatbots, organizations can handle more and more tasks at the same time so that no customer has to wait. This will allow companies to scale up their operations in new markets globally without handling incoming requests. 

3. Increased Customer Engagement

One of the most important things to keep in mind to keep your customers connected to your brand. According to research, companies engaging with their customers on social media were able to increase customer spending from 20% to 40%. While social media is doing its job, chatbots can contribute by making engagement more interactive – usually with a great sense of humor! 

A traditional customer service interface typically provides more information than is obtained from users. However, chatbots, by contrast, only deliver one piece of information at a time and can lead conversations based on user-provided input at each specific time. Therefore chatbots do not bore customers with irrelevant and unnecessary information and keep your customers on your platform for a long time and keep the content flowing while maintaining the conversation. 

4. Monitoring Consumer Data and Gaining Insights

As mentioned above, chatbots are great tools for interacting with customers. With the feedback they gather through simple queries, you can improve on your services/products and optimize your website by adjusting even fewer converting pages. 

For example, if your landing page generates organic traffic well, but does not convert well, your chatbot can reach customers visiting this page with a survey to gather more information then why are they leaving the page without buying, etc. 

Chatbots can also be used to track purchasing patterns and consumer behavior by monitoring user data. According to Forbes, it helps a company decide “which products to market separately, which ones to market more and which markets to redevelop”. 

Well, In other words, companies can track orders and responses given by their users to chatbots, predict responses based on consumer language and suggest a different or more convenient product or service to users in addition to informing sales Can direct bots to deliver and the marketing department for personalized services. 

5. Cost Savings

Well implementing a full-functioning chatbot is much cheaper and faster than building a cross-platform app or hiring employees for each task. Businesses have a variety of options from ready-made software chosen by Facebook, Microsoft and other large IT companies. 

Since chatbots are automated solutions, they allow organizations to handle multiple customers simultaneously. By supplementing “chatbots” with human agents, you will not only save on employee costs, but you will also avoid problems caused by human errors. 

Finally, because customers can easily access chatbots within seconds and start conversations immediately, user acquisition is also associated with lower costs.

As we can see, Chatbots can be a great back up for employees with relatively quick and repetitive tasks at large speeds, cost-effective, easy to implement, maintain and use. The biggest challenge that you need to focus on the most is the chat ability or “personality” of your chatbot to retain or increase your brand perception and customers.

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