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Top 16 Trending Android Applications for 2020

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Top 16 Trending Android Applications for 2020

It’s that time of the year again. Time to identify and acknowledge the latest Android app development trends for the next year. 

Today, we live in an era where each new year brings new innovations, ideas, and trends that signify changes. And since Android adoption has grown so drastically in the past recent years, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends to knock out competitors in the race of acquiring market share. 

Before we jump right into it, though, it’s also important to understand the implications of trends, which is why it’s recommended to partner with an Android app development company to rightly capitalize on the benefits.

Here are the Top 16 Trending Android Applications for 2020:

1. Alexa

A virtual assistant developed by Amazon will make you speechless, it can manage all your work with just one command. 

Yes, you can do a lot more with Amazon Echo, all you require is a supported device  (either Android, iOS & iPhone) and you can easily enjoy the super amazing features of Alexa. 

You may tune in to music, create shopping lists, set an alarm, get news updates, set reminders, hotels and cab booking and much more. 
Services offered by Alexa will make you fall in love with its digital assistant.

2. YouTube 

You might be a YouTube manic. On Youtube, you can watch a video, upload your videos,  you can search for trending video’s, This amazing Video sharing app will continue to mark its presence.

3. WhatsApp

Have you aware of Whats App updated version? Yes, no one update’s as fast as this app. Recently this app has made certain changes in its application. 

This cross-platform lets you chit chat with your close ones, let you send a picture, videos, and voice messages completely free. A must-have app for messaging addicts.

4. Google Opinion Rewards

Who wouldn’t like to steal money, and that if you get without any effort. Google’s recently launched Opinion Rewards app will let you access money just by answering surveys. 

Once you pass the question survey criteria of Google Opinion reward you will be credited with the fund to buy apps you love.

5. Netflix

Netflix offers awesome video streaming services. You may access all the trending movies, videos, series with HD print. This is as entertaining as you can get in just $9 a month.

6. Hulu 

This is another platform to get access to thousands of movies and Tv shows – here most of the shows are just updated after they air.

7. Spotify

This is another best full-featured streaming service. This apps amazing features let you stream any music from any type of device and the best part of this app is its syncs tracks for offline listening as well.

8. Google Assistant 

Google Assistant, an AI-based personal assistant, the app allows users to get instant solutions to their queries, navigation and lots of other stuff. 

This interesting app allows users to use its search command feature for 30+ voice queries. 
Google Assistant app features work on every phone with the same flexibility. 

Some devices even support its voice screen unlock feature as well.

9. Bumble

This is one of the best online dating apps as of now. 

With the launch of bumble creating new connections has become super easy through your android device you can manage all these things easily. 

This time companies have paid special attention to make the feature easily accessible and to make most out of the bubble app. 

Apart from flexibilities, this app has one more interesting feature where women can have an option to make the first move, into a more meaningful discussion.

10. LastPass

Are you afraid of being your password lost? Now no worries. For android users, LastPass has launched the LastPass app, this is basically a password manager and password locker where you can easily lock your passwords and sensitive information to make your data ever secure. 

With LastPass, you will easily get your password. According to users of this app, this is among the most favorite apps they have used till now.

11. Google News

Basically works on AI techniques that enable it to deliver the most relevant news in the Google News Feed. 

The best part of this app is it offers the “For You” section which shows your personalized news, which is an advantage in the case where an ongoing news “Full Coverage” will not be displayed as a copy piece of news.

12. Forecast 

It has become one of the favorite weather forecasting apps, its fabulous looking interfaces will make you speechless. 

Till now, it is one of those android apps that you must have on your smartphone. Unlike other weather prediction apps, it is capable of providing the most accurate weather information.

13. Cam Scanner

It is one of the must-have Android apps. CamScanner will use your phone’s camera to scan documents. The smart cropping and auto enhancing features will make your text look clear and sharp. 

Plus, documents in JPEG/PDF format can be shared very easily. CamScanner can sync your documents to multiple Android devices. As CamScanner can be a savior for students, it earned a place in the list of top apps for Android. 

Features of CamScanner:

> Users can scan multiple-page documents with enhancing modes
> Scanned photos are automatically cropped and results are saved in the system in PDF/JPEG format
> Users can add notes/tags for searching easily
> Upload files to cloud storage and wireless printing with Google Cloud Print

14. Google Translate

Google Translate has become like a companion for people who frequently travel to other countries. It is of the most unique apps for Android as you can translate approximately 103 languages by typing and 59 languages offline. 

Instant camera feature can translate 38 languages, HD mode can do 39 languages and the list goes on. All these reasons helped it earn a place in the list of best Android apps in 2020. 

Features of Google Translate:

> Option to store languages offline
> Any translated text can be highlighted
> Signboards in another language can be converted to your native language
> Integration in Chrome, Google app, and Gboard app
> Custom phrasebook so that you can save important translations

15. Telegram

Whatsapp was unrivaled till now in the market. However, Telegram has managed to match its standards. It is a free app with end-to-end encryption. Telegram is a fun messaging app and has a lot of other features apart from messaging. 

Thus, Telegram is one of the mus-have best apps in 2020. 

Features of Telegram:

> Option to edit pic before creating your own gif
> A secret chat messaging feature that self-destructs
> Users can turn off notifications, hide preview and lock some selected conversations
> Personal cloud storage

16. Netflix

We don’t think Netflix needs an introduction. It can be without a doubt voted among the best Android apps! You can watch Netflix on any device. 

It is a streaming service with a collection of movies/shows and Netflix originals too. Netflix further recommends shows on the basis of what you like/dislike. 

Features of Netflix:

> Set up multiple accounts
> Watch multiple shows at the same time
> Limit your data use
> Subtitle settings

The applications we have added above are the best Android apps that are useful and effective in their own right. Due to their popularity and usage, these applications are something to look out for in the year 2020. 

When you hire an app developer, they will be able to give you a better idea of what type of application to build and unique features to make it successful. Although this list may have served as an inspiration, it is always a good idea to include some unique features that are not present in other applications.

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