" Most Common Mistakes That Android Developers Make in 2019

Most Common Mistakes That Android Developers Make in 2019

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Most Common Mistakes That Android Developers Make

The United States is iPhone-centric, but it is not so in the rest of the world. Android is used on thousands of different devices around the world, including cars, watches, TVs, and many more. It’s Android that rules the world, while iPhone and iOS may seem to rule in the U.S.

To get a better understanding of how powerful Android is in the global mobile OS scenario, we have collected the top Android statistics that talk about its ubiquity. Here are some Android stats you should know:

➔Almost 85%, Android holds of the total market share for the mobile operating system.
➔Around one-third of Smartphone users are using Android’s Marshmallow OS.
➔In 2018, there were nearly 1.56 billion smartphone sales worldwide.
➔In 2018, around 52.2% of all website traffic worldwide was produced through mobile phones.
➔Approximately 10 billion mobile devices are currently in use.

What are the Most Common Mistakes That Android Developers Make in 2019?

Android – It’s free, it’s customizable, it’s fast growing and it’s not only available on your phone or tablet but also on your smartwatch, TV, and car. With the latest 10 Q update, Android programming advances to improve. The platform has evolved quite a bit since the initial AOSP release and set the user expectations very high.
There are lots of various devices, with varied screen sizes, chip architectures, hardware configurations, and software versions. There are thousands of ways that your app may fail on different devices, even as an advanced Android programmer.
So here is are some common mistakes Android developers make.

1. When Developing for Android Device:

Developing for Android Device

Developing an Android device means that developing an app to work for a specific product only. This app looks like a system application instead of a normal user application.
As long as no one is planning to create an app for a specific product, the app does not display well on all Android phones, and this is a problem because thousands of people are using it because of the beauty of an application.
Here are some points to note though Android App Development:
●Density-independent pixels (DP) are different as compared to the normal pixel (px).
●Most of the resources applied for developing applications are repeated many times to get a clearer view, better density, and orientation.
●The best solution is, getting different tools that can help you build applications that will work on all the rounds for any device.

2. Not Using Intents:
Intent – It is the key component of an Android device. It is related to the passing of data between different parts of the app being developed or various applications on the device.
There may be a message application on your phone. With good intent, this application needs to be linked to others so that they can be able to communicate them.
A good intent can save time and energy of an Android developer by reducing the number of codes. Linking your camera app to your social media application will help you to post images easily.

3. Not Using Fragments:
Fragments – It is known to design behavior or just a portion of the user interface in an activity. To make multi-panel user interfaces, a combination of pieces can be made for solo activity.
Fragments are embedded in an activity and the direct impact of the life-cycle of these fragments is due to its host activity life-cycle. But when an application is required to start various activities to work fully, it becomes inoperable and will negatively impact on the performance of the device.

Using Fragments

4. Blocking Main Thread:
Have you ever been working on your Android device and after hanging a little bit of device, you saw a message that says “the application is not responding, do you want to close it?”. If yes, this is primarily the effect of blocking the main thread during the Android app development by Android developer. The main objective of the main thread is to keep the user interface responsive.
There are many ways of measuring the frame rate of an application to identify the effect of the main thread.
There are many steps to avoid blocking this main thread like:
●Network calls
●Image processing
●Database querying
●Bitmap loading

5. Reinventing the Wheel:
Avoiding reinventing the wheel is considered a standard bit of knowledge gained in the Android Development Circle. Android devices have matured and evolved over the years and hardly there is a code that has not been similar before.
Therefore, before choosing your tool Android Developer, start cooking codes, stop and just do a little research. The latest developments in the Android app development world include:
●Using Gradle as a build system.
●By using Retrofit/volley for network calls.
●Using picas for image loading.

So these are some of the mistakes that android developers sometimes do. We hope you like this blog, Please share your Android development experience with us and let us know if you are interested in reading some other blog.

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