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The world is changing, so are we. In this continuously growing world where things are transforming in seconds and is on the next version run.

There are approx 1000 new mobile apps launched daily that means grabbing a spot in the marketplace is a challenge.

As the number of mobile apps is growing enormously, the rate of committing mistakes is increasing too.

People are making mistakes due to lack of knowledge, insufficient budget, adopting inappropriate techniques and so on.

Good Strategy with a lot of patience is required for mobile app development as it is a step by step process. Developing an app is not an easy task, it requires a lot of research and development.

Knowing about the market and the behavior of people is the most important thing. You have to follow the latest and the growing trend to bring out the best for your business.

The most crucial part is to decide the budget as it is the foundation of a business. A fixed marketing budget should be present for mobile app development to overcome common mistakes.

The organization is highly inclined towards the app development but it is shocking how little they are aware of it. The whole marketing budget has to be introduced along with a strategy for s proper functioning and understanding.

An organization underestimates the time and money required in this process which leads to low investment.

There is a great requirement of time and money for the whole planning and the execution.

Proper research about the competitors and the market behavior are another aspect which should be focused upon. Now let’s throw some light on:

The Common Mistakes In Making Mobile App Budgeting:-

1- Setting The Same Budget For Websites And Mobile Apps Development:

One of the most common mistakes made by the people while setting the budget is considering the same budget for a website and mobile app.

Mobile app requires a great amount of backend infrastructure and different components should work together for smooth functioning.

We have to invest time and effort on the components like front-end, CMS etc significantly more than the website. As the project becomes more complex, the intensity and the time investment increases as well.

There is a great difference between a website and an app. In respect to their technical complexibility and in the manner they communicate with network and service, both differ. The user experience is quite a difference while using an app in comparison to the website.

It mainly occurs due to the mobile screen size. In the case of mobile, content delivery is fast and highly focused.

2- Inadequate Planning:

For any product, whether it’s a mobile app or anything, planning and execution are very important. You can’t just launch an app and then forget it completely.

It is very tough to please your customers as they are continuously looking for something new, innovative and unique. It is very important to set a strategy and move accordingly and hold the customer through introducing innovative updated, changes. This will help you to maintain a customer for a much longer time.

If you fail to plan then your competitors and the new players will get an edge over you. They will also retain your clients as their planning will be strong unlike yours.

So always plan to impress when it comes to mobile app development.

3- Cross-Platform Development:

It is very important to focus on a different platform to get the maximum result. Concentrating on a single platform will restrict your targeted audience.

If you are creating a mobile app for everyone and you want that everyone should know about it and at some point of time, you have to think of cross-platform development to maximize your reach.

Failing to involve this aspect may create a problem in future at the time of expansion. If you are thinking of expanding your product to the various platform for profit maximization, the budget will play an important role.

Always consider all the aspect before launching a mobile app and decide a budget for different components for smooth functioning.

In mobile app development, cross-platform development is considered important in terms of awareness and profit maximization of your product.

4- Ignoring Backend Development And Service Integration:

One of the biggest and the most common mistake people usually make is ignoring the backend development and service integration.

People tend to make assumptions that a mobile app is just a product which consists of screens that a user interact with using their devices.

Let’s dig in deep to understand more about backend development.


The CMS for mobile provides configuration and content services which create the highest quality of mobile experience.

Mobile CMS is an integral part as it provides everything from menu, settings, images and text to the application.

    Backend Infrastructure:

There are some functions that an app would need to do, which cannot be performed on the device. That’s why the mobile app has to communicate with a server.

These functions may be from notification, message updating status etc and it’s a fact that customer won’t wait. They will simply move on or bounce to others.

    Third Party Integration:

If you are planning to develop every little element of your mobile app right from scratch then your budget will touch the sky.

It is better to take help from the third party which will save your time and money. Tools like analytics, authorization, authentication or push notification etc, third-party integration could be a great idea for them.

5- Insufficient Budget For Marketing:

A strong marketing strategy is very important in this high competition market for mobile apps. It carries a lot of significance in user acquisition and growth as well as an existing customer group.

By determining the success of your app you should simultaneously decide the marketing budget. Introducing a marketing budget will allow you to spend some extra money which will benefit you in the long run. Best time to decide the budget is in the initial stage of the mobile app development.

Don’t only rely on organic results, for better results you should do some paid promotion which will increase your brand value. Set challenging goals and target which will make you more dedicated and focused.

6- Regular Updates:

Mobile app development requires regular fixes to maintain the performance of the app. Trends are changing every second, so you have to make changes accordingly to compete with the trends.

1000 apps are been introduced in the world daily and only a few survive. This is because people are not paying attention to the necessary fixes which are creating a problem in the performance of the app. Updating your mobile app regularly will help you to satisfy your customer and will help you to maximize profit.

7- Diverting Your Attention To AI:

It is absolutely true that a mobile user will only stay if your app is attractive and engaging with exemplary UI.

You should always keep in mind that backend holds as much importance as a front end design. You may attract a number of audience with your amazing animation, images but a user will only stay if the functioning of the app is smooth. They will never compromise in terms of proper functioning.

8- Forgetting Third Party Integration:

People usually forget about third-party integration and try to do everything on their own. This may somehow save some money but the time and effort invested in the whole process will be a drawback. It is better to take help from a third-party which will decrease some pressure and will make your work easy.

The problem does not lie in acknowledging the need for it, but actually knowing how to do it. Quite a few companies refrain from doing so, or try and hire some help outsourcing the whole thing.

This may be a solution for some problem but causes a big time lag in the whole process of development.

So if you are a newbie in the business of mobile app development then do remember these common mistakes.

Avoid making these mistakes to get a better result with a hand full of experience.

Always set goals and try to achieve them to gain confidence and some knowledge on how the things actually work in this segment.

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