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Imagine a World Without Apps

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imagine world without apps


We are living in a world where our life revolves entirely around the applications.

From when our day starts, till the time it ends, we use mobile applications, all the time.

Though you might say you do not use mobile fervently, this blog is sure to break this myth.

Let us imagine a world where there are no mobile applications. Shall we?

In this blog, let us see how mobile applications have penetrated into our lives and what if they were not there.

How do mobile applications play a role in our life?


1. Early Morning:

When you wake up, the first thing you would probably do is:


Yes, that is the first thing we do as soon as we open our eyes, and what is the first thing that grabs your attention? It could be an irate alarm clock or messages from friends and family.

Or social media for that matter. So now, don’t you think applications are the first thing we need, even before coffee?

What if these were not there?

You would probably not want to think about it…do you?

But for a second, let us hover around the thought of not having mobile applications. You would wake up and make coffee as usual and not have much to do(other than house-chores). Now here are 3 mobile applications that we spotted:

  • Social Media mobile application
  • Productivity Application
  • Utility mobile application

2. Mid-morning:

Now that you have spent your morning, scrolling through the social media apps, probably Facebook or Instagram. Or maybe both and getting insights of what your friends and families are up to, you go and grab the newspaper. But wait, you would probably be running out of time and want a quick read, what next? Yes, you guessed it right, here are 5 mobile applications that make their way to this list:

  • Lifestyle mobile application
  • New/Information outlet apps
  • Communication mobile application

3. Afternoon:

Now, you have already used from 1-5 mobile applications and its not even half the day. Do you really think we could sustain without mobile applications?

Wait till we get to the end of this blog.

During this time, you would talk to a few people, of course over messages, because who has got the time to call and spend hours! That’s just one application we have talked about at this time of the day. How could you even forget shopping?

Okay, even if you have just spent a hefty sum last week, what’s the harm in watching the latest trends? Stats have shown a drastic rise in recent years, in the online shopping sector. Here are 2 mobile applications you used in this time of the day.:

  • E-commerce mobile application
  • News applications

4. Evening:

Now it has been almost half the day and you would want to go out and take a fresh breath. But wait, how do you decide to go? That’s a different case if you want to walk and go or chose some other option. But usually, you would hire a cab to go and make the most out of your day. Also, you would like to invite some friends nearby. During the outing, won’t you be eager to click some pictures, and of course, share it with the world?

  • Taxi booking mobile application

5. Night:

Whether you are working or not, night time is the time when we all board home and want to relax. And what better way to grab some delicious food and burst the stress of the day. But, who is going to make that yummy food, or better, have it order from the nearby restaurant. The usual way to end the day is to get food ordered, chat with some of the friends, family members or colleagues, and call it a day. Let us see, what are the mobile applications spotted here:

  • Communication mobile application
  • Food delivery mobile application

Well, this was just a single day, where we have stated 9 mobile applications. Do you think you can manage a day without mobile applications?

Not only have these applications made our lives easier, but they also yield great profit for the companies as well. Mobile apps are in great demand, not to fade away anytime soon.

Does your business have a mobile application, if not, are you sure you are not missing out on something very important?

Do take out some time and get connected with us if you still do not have an app for your business.


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