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How to Promote an App on Social Media

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How to promote an App on social media.

Imagine a world where there are over 5 million applications existing. And 25% of them are never used after downloading. And that is the world we are living in!

Now, we do not intend to scare you away instead, show you how in this fierce competition, you can make your mark.

Social media is a great platform for you to promote the app and boost installs.

So let’s see how to promote the app on social media.

To promote the app on the social platforms, what you need to know is how beneficial it could be for you. So, you can understand the coming points clearly. Here are some of the benefits of promoting the app on social media:

  • Gain attention from the audience
  • Spread your message and raise awareness
  • Encourage people to download your application
  • Influence your audience
  • Know the trends pertaining
benefits of promoting app on social media:

Let us see how to promote your app on social media.


    With the blessing of diverse platforms we have today, it crucial that we use them to their maximum benefit.
    You are aware of the social media platforms. But, the thing is that there are so many social media platforms that we cannot name them on our fingertips.

    Different platforms offer the different audience, facilities, and tools.
    It’s up to you to decide where your mobile app promotion would fit perfectly.


    Now, this is a great thing.
    Until the emergence of social media, marketers did not have this luxury to directly interact with their audience. And know their taste and preferences.
    Even, users like it when the companies take extra initiative and interact with them to know them. This not only makes them feel special and connect with them but also personalize the application according to them.



    These are amazing to promote the app on social media.
    Communities are a bunch of like-minded people who are there to mine out information and see how they can make it work for them.


    People have problems. A lot of them!
    Can your brand solve them?
    If yes, forum posting is the best place to boost your mobile app downloads.
    You just need to make an account and answer questions that relate to your niche.
    This way, people will get to know about you and you can increase your app downloads.


    Stories are proven to increase sales, and in your case, app downloads drastically.
    And because they remain only for a particular time (24 hours), they make an urgency. Due to this, users are urged to take immediate action.


  6. PAID ADS:

    Why we recommend going for paid ads despite the fact that they would cost you your hard earned money is – they bring in leads.
    Straight as that!
    Paid ads are meant to target only a specific group of people through various metrics. These metrics include gender, age, demographics, interests, behaviour.etc. This way, you can boost your mobile app downloads and enhance ROI.


    This is the best practice you can adopt.
    Getting feedback from your audience helps you understand the loopholes and also personalize the app.
    The efforts then would result in getting more application downloads.

So these were some great tips to promote your mobile app on social media. Also, if are looking for mobile application developers or have any query, remember that we are just a call away.

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