" How to build the best taxi booking app like Ola & Uber?

How to build the best taxi booking app like Ola & Uber?

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how to build best taxi booking app

Do you know more than 90% of smartphone users use mobile phones to book a cab/taxi? The demand for a taxi booking app (s) is at the peak.

Today there are a lot many taxi booking apps available in the market, but which one is best for your business? This is not the only puzzle for you, this is even has become a pinpoint for most of the entrepreneurs. 

Have you ever thought about it? Why Uber and Ola are so famous today? What has made ola and uber taxi booking apps different from others? What’re the most fascinating features in these apps?

Why people prefer ola and uber over others? The reasons are listed right here. 

One– Rider Exact Location 
Two– Details about Driver 
Three– Fleet Panel Features
Four – Admin Panel Features
Five – Easy booking facilities 
Six – Door to door service.
Seven – 24* availability

These features are enough to increase efficiency and ensure a long term engagement with the customers. 

Even after getting ideas and brainstorming a lot, most of the entrepreneurs still face the challenge to build a mobile taxi app using the right technology. 

Before moving further, let’s enquire about the features used by market-dominating apps, to step ahead.

Top Taxi Booking Apps that are ruling the world?

Taxing booking apps such as ola and uber is the actual ruler of the world, since their origin, these taxi booking apps are consistently growing their business opportunities. 

Ola Cab

ola cab taxi booking app

One of the best service provider and top-rated taxi booking app which is today operational in every state of India. 

Technology that is applied behind making this app is so super flexible and is the sole reason behind its success.

Ola Cab booking apps are available for both ios and android platforms. 

This app has currently more than 50 billion installs, which is the highest for Indian cab booking apps. 


Uber taxi booking app

History and origin of the uber cab are known to every one, since then uber has been on cutting edge of a number of transportation services and technologies, from self-driving cars to carpooling service and even a helicopter service. 

Technology is being used to make uber its success. Initially, the uber app was only supportive for iPhone, latter on this app flexibility was extended to Android and Blackberry. 

Log-in features, booking features, ability to identify a Device’s location, point to point directions, push notifications and SMS are some of the amazing features of Uber. 

If we look from a techie point then JavaScript, Node.js, Redis.Java, Objective-C are used to make this app supportive for both iPhone and Android apps. 

Meru Cab

Meeru Cab Taxi Booking App

This Mumbai based taxi booking app is operational in all every city except Mumbai. 

Mobile apps are the new frontiers of every business. And most importantly how you are leveraging the platform matters the most.

Meru cab offers multiple channel booking, this mobile app has exciting features which include one-touch booking, tracking your cab, multi-wallet cab service, where a customer has a choice of paying through most popular wallets like Mobikwik, Paytm, Freecharge and Citrus. 



This app offer e-hailing concept based services which means that people can simply hail a cab available on the road. 

Most importantly it’s “Safe Assure” feature makes this app different from others where in case of emergency a passenger can send an emergency alert to 5 people. 

ixigo cab

ixigo cab

What could be more flexible than getting rid of juggling between multiple can booking apps. ixigo cabs’ latest feature to check availability and fares across various taxi services makes its app quite decent from its companions. 

Ixigo 1-tap cab booking feature work quite well even in stable internet locations such as railway station, airports and bus stations. 

1-tap cab booking feature is so amazing it let you book a cab in just 3 seconds by simply tapping and holding a button on their home screen. 

How to build an app like Ola and Uber?

The only way to build apps like ola and uber is to start using the features that are being used by ola and uber. 

Secondly, hire a well-qualified company and have them develop the following features.

1. Geo-Location Services

In order to find the customer’s current location, uber uses GPS services, which is in short beneficial in identifying customers’ exact location. This GP technology is also used in calculating the fare, the shorter the route, the least will be the fare. 

For eg- if there are three ways to reach the destination, the charge will be applicable based on the direction and length of the route. 

Routing and GPS technology- both of these are the vital elements of the applications’ popularity among the users.

Next comes the part of using the right technology stack and development process.

Payment Integration 

In the era of a cashless society, where people trust more on an online transaction, uber works on this concept. 

The payment gateway is partnered with Braintree. Braintree is among one of the top leaders in the mobile payment market.

You can even pay via using debit, credit card or via promo code. 

3. Built-in Maps and Traffic Data 

While dealing with the app making process, make sure to take the navigation process quite seriously. If you are planning for global expansion, then make sure to have location data resources. 

If you are planning to build your app on ios, then you may use Apple’s MapKit framework to embed a fully functional map interface into your taxi app. 

4. Fare Calculation 

When people hear this term, they generally calculate the fare based on the meter dashboard. But in reality, Uber and Ola’s fare is calculated on the bases of these four components. 

  • Cost per minute
  • Cost per minute
  • Booking fee
  • Base fare

5. Rating System 

It’s important for both customers and taxi drivers to know who they are going to travel with. Features, like rating increases riders’ and drivers’ sense of control and security. 

Furthermore, when it comes to getting success like Ola and Uber companions, it’s very important to have feedback and rating. 

6. Driver-Focused Feature

Today more and more taxi operators like Ola and Uber are emerging around the globe. 

Secondly, competing with customers is becoming more challenging for new taxi-hailing apps. Taxi companies often compete for the same pool of drivers.

Many a time customers have to juggle up to book a ride- this situation generally arrives when many a time drive pause new ride booking. Even drivers also have to see charging passengers for being two minutes lates. 

So, in order to make the best taxi car booking app, its necessary to conquer these loopholes. 


Our on-demand taxi booking apps clone similar apps like ola and uber. We develop smart and customized on-demand transportation applications for smart travelers. 

To know the price, value-added features, and functionalities of the taxi app solution for passengers and drivers get in touch for a quick chat.

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