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How Much It Cost to Build an Application in 2019

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how much it cost to build application

By now you are much aware of the importance of having a mobile application for your business. 

And probably by now, you might have a fully planned strategy as to what type of an app you want and how you will get it.

But the major question still lays unanswered lingering on your mind.

That is….

How much it costs to build a mobile application in 2019?

If you are also looking for an answer to this question, you are in the right place.

There is a lot of misconception and misinformation in the market, regarding the cost of producing a mobile application.

Well, nothing to worry, all the spider webs will be cleared as you keep scrolling down. So make sure to read this blog till the end.

Cost of building an app

cost of building an app
The mobile application market has crossed the infancy period and it’s market value is increasing year after year.

Therefore, if you have decided to create an application for your business or even create a new business around your application, this is the right time. And we are here to help you with all the necessary information.

Creating an application is very similar to building a house.

Before building a house, would you question the architect “That how much exactly is it going to cost?” Not really. And if you try directly, they probably won’t be able to tell you (at least not without getting a surprised expression from him).

Think about it. The cost of a house depends on its size, construction materials, location, etc. 

Similarly, to calculate the cost of building an application also depends upon the platform you are building it for, its size, coding languages used, integration process, user interaction, user interface, design, etc. 

Applications are not just thousands of lines of code. There is much more to creating an app than just coding.

The best plans for a successful launch in the application store should involve a series of well-defined software development phases, starting with the strategy and product design and then developing your MVP (minimum viable product), followed by continuous improvement and changes to make it convenient and useful for your customers. 

And more importantly, get you a profitable ROI (Return on Investment).

You should plan to allocate about two-thirds of your budget to develop and market the MVP and reserve the last third to take over and maintain it once you are in the store and begin the process of designing improvements that you will bring to version 2.0.

What mobile application development companies propose?

The most profitable application agencies can offer you a wide range of solutions to help you define your expectations and understand all the factors that will affect the price (platforms, third party integrations, generated content, for example), but if you develop your specific application for iPhone or Android, you will need the help of an expert to dive a little deeper into the planning step of your product in order to expect a well-defined estimate of your mobile application development.

Then you have an excellent idea for an application and you are ready to move on to the development phase. 

As expected, there is a lot of misinformation and mystery about the real cost of creating an application. In fact, some potential application entrepreneurs may be surprised to discover the time and money involved, and especially what they need before seeing a decent return on their investment.

How much do applications usually cost?

… usually between $ 1 million and $ 1 million.

Ok, it’s a joke, but it’s also a bit true. The price of the application is based on a large number of factors that constitute the overall experience and can vary considerably.

Even a simple application can exceed a few thousand dollars. But sometimes even a seemingly simple idea can be falsely difficult to execute technologically.

What should be the first step?

app development cycle

You want to start by observing all aspects of the application you want to create. 

If you want to contact a developer, you should already have a very clear idea of ​​what the application will do, how it will work, how it will look and how it will be used.

Will your application be available for both iOS and Android? Or only one of the platforms? 

Remember that the cost of developing the iPhone application is generally 10 to 15% higher than Android. In turn, Android application development takes up to 10% of overtime.

Does your application include a shopping cart or a place to log in? If you already have all these answers, you can save time and costs of developing applications by contacting the developer.

Again, the price of developing your application depends on many factors. All small details are examined carefully because, although they appear small, they should be applied carefully and without inconvenience. For the most part, it’s not as easy as clicking here and there and finishing it.

Usually, the app development cycle is like:

Rough draft/wireframe
UI design
Functional design
Testing – both UI and UX

There are online services that offer “application development” programs, but they are usually based only on an existing framework. This means that while it can be profitable, you won’t have many options to customize your application.

One of the best reasons to work with a professional developer is that you can take the time to meet him (virtually or not) and explain exactly what you are looking for.

As they will work closely with you throughout the development process, you know that your application will have a much better chance of developing exactly as you had imagined. In this way, your application will be both high quality and unique, a cornerstone to draw attention to your business.

Now you might come up with another question…

It is an investment, but is it worth it?

Think about the impact your application could have if it only generates a few interesting contacts per week. If you can, try to calculate the number of customers you would need to recover the money you spent on your application.
Here are some indicators that will help you establish KPI and create practical solutions:

Cost per installation
Customer acquisition cost
The average revenue per user (ARPU)
Retention rate
Return on investment (ROI)

If you expect a high return on investment (ROI), which means you need to develop profitable applications, it may be worth spending a little more than you expect. Applications are the next way to do business and they make you stand out from your competitors. 

Or maybe it is worth the money and the time it takes to make your application compatible with a wide range of platforms. Of course, do not hesitate to ask your developers to intervene in this area. Some development companies have marketing departments that can help you.

But you may not know why the process is so expensive. We have already gone through the questioning and planning phase.

Estimate of post-launch expenses

Estimate of apps post-launch expenses

Remember that you will also need money to develop your project after launch. Therefore, do not forget to keep aside the budget for after launching your application. You will need the budget for:

Application updates
Customer Support
Background Server Maintenance
Cloud hosting
Legal support
Promotion and marketing

If you have integrated third-party services into your application, you may also need to pay your fees for that. Usually, the mobile application development company does not include post-launch expenses in the initial estimate of the application building.

You can still ask your development company to cover post-launch costs based on the estimate.

Now that you all the what’s and how’s of mobile application development, the next thing you need to do is find the best company to make your job easy and deliver you exactly what you are looking for.

FYI – Feel free to contact us 🙂

AppsHunts is the best mobile application company, we offer our clients a complete development cycle. This means that the project estimate even includes application tests and project management.

We continue to work with customers after launching the application. In projects that require technical support and maintenance of the application, customers may also want to integrate new features into the application after the application begins.

We have a number of best developers with years of experiences that promise nothing but perfection and customer satisfaction,

Call today to get a free quotation!

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