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How Mobile apps can double your productivity?

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tips how mobile apps double your productivity
What are tips to double productivity by Mobile Apps?

We live in a world where we can handle most of the things in our fingers only or we can say “JUST IN ONE CLICK”. Well, from social media to live class, from ticket booking to online shopping, from live conversation to live video streaming everything is possible in the world of “MOBILE APPLICATION”

As we all know in today’s market every day we get to see thousands of new applications. Well, in that case, you must be worried about “How  Mobile apps can double your productivity?”. 

Productivity applications and software can bring similar compounding results. Other tools – often, writing, programming and designing apps that you rely on for your core work – will always take hard work, creativity and mental effort. In the meantime, the productivity app uses you (Like an extra gear on your bike) to help you type faster, save notes for easy access, work paperless, and plan your work projects. The best productivity software works everywhere — on any desktop, laptop, or phone that you use — to keep your performance at any level where you work. 

Some Tips To Double Your Productivity by Mobile Apps

Enhance Efficiency & Productivity

Enhance Efficiency & Productivity

The transition from fixed desktop workstations to smartphones and mobile devices is a major step towards achieving efficiency. This drastically reduces running time. This is important – especially in light of the increasing company size and talent challenges of employers. 

The average company size is now 50 to 60 employees. This is up from the 30 to 40 employees measure in the previous year. And a recent study shows that 76 percent of company operations planned to expand their facilities this year. 

Using mobile apps not only allows employees to find what they’re looking for faster, but it also allows managers to communicate with and dispatch field workers efficiently and better-prepared. That way, warehouse operations can get more done with fewer human resources. 

Improving the Accuracy

Of course, a successful company isn’t just about saving time and money. It’s also about doing things right. 

For example, company employees who have access to mobile apps on their tablets and phones can communicate key information to one another from the company apart without the need for email, phone calls, or text messages. 

Mobile apps allow more efficient, flexible, and powerful documenting, storing, and distributing data to whoever needs it. Outdoor power products company reduced packing mistakes by 200 percent due to its adoption of a quality tracking mobile app. 

This level of improvement may help explain why the industry-wide use of paper-based picking systems dropped from 62% last year to 48% this year.

Managing People More Effectively


Mobile apps can also help the human resources department track the location, expertise, work history, and other factors related to warehouse workers. When appropriate, some information can be made available to other mobile apps. For example, having information about the expertise and location of their workers could help company managers as they assign tasks for the day. 

Tracking & Optimizing Assets

Mobile apps can provide a current view of the availability and location of distribution centre equipment. That can save company managers and workers valuable time too. 

Say, for example, someone in your company needs something to move inventory. A real-time mobile app could show what forklifts are available. And if there aren’t any forklifts available, the mobile app could show managers where the lifts are so they can decide whether and from where to pull one of them for the new job. 

Improving Accountability & Business Outcomes

Improving Accountability & Business Outcomes

Funnily enough, you know what leaves a better paper trail than paper? Mobile apps that you can access and interface with wherever you are. Sure, warehouse workers can make a note on paper for whoever needs to read it next, but mobile apps collect data, make it available anywhere, update it in real-time, and store it for posterity. 


Mobile apps can document timestamps for when work is completed. They can require a signature from the worker following completion of a task. Some mobile apps even offer the option of scanning or photographing something to illustrate the pallet, product, or issue at hand. All that serves to increase reliability, improve accountability, and let employees know what they’re doing matters and is being measured. That can have the added benefit of motivating workers to take greater care in all they do. 

Real-time records paired with analytics also can provide a business with a more complete picture of what’s happening in its warehouse operations. And that can serve as fuel to help the business to drive continuous improvement. 

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