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The only way for your business to survive in the tech-savvy 21st century that we are living in is by having an online presence. The virtual world has become all the more important now than ever. 

If you have a brick and mortar store, good and even if you do not have it is ok. But not having an online presence is definitely not OK. You have to have a website for your business. Does not matter if it is a small one or a huge enterprise, the website is a must.

And with the behavioural changes in the public, I think only having a website will not suffice. Smaller screens are the trend these days. That means people are shifting to mobiles and smartphones. This also means you need to have a mobile application for your business as well. 

WIth life practically shifting to the virtual world, everything is done online and shopping tops the list. Whether it is shopping for jewellery or grocery everything is bought with just a click. 

With the massive change in this consumer behaviour, you need to change your strategies as well. Because it is said, the first and the foremost goal of any business is – ‘Customer Satisfaction’.

And customer satisfaction means having a mobile application for your business. Especially if you are in the grocery business. Nobody wants to go out and stand in long ques to order grocery when it can be done within the comforts of the house. 

Having A Mobile Application Is Important

Why do you think having a mobile application is important for your business? Why is consumer behavior changing so rapidly? Why the ROI of businesses with mobile applications is higher in comparison to those without the apps?

Well, the answer is simple – because it is easy, convenient, and fast. If we take a look at the numbers, by 2025 71% of the expected world population will be using mobile apps for daily shopping and work. On average, a smartphone user has almost 35 apps installed on his mobile, out of which chances of 1-2 being grocery shopping app is very high.

Don’t you think it is time for your grocery business to get an application? Of course, it is. Now the next thing troubling your mind maybe how to get the app developed? What should be kept in mind while the development? Who should you hire for mobile application development?

You do not need to panic, we have things sorted out for you. Keep scrolling and you will get the answers to all your queries. 

What are the Features That Users Love In Our Grocery Delivery App?

First things first. Before moving on to any other questions, let us get the most important one sorted. Who should you hire for mobile application development? The answer is – AppsHunts. AppsHunts is the best mobile application development company that works only for the satisfaction of the customer. Your wish is our command. 

We have a highly professional and dedicated team of app developers, who knows the inside out of application development and delivers results using the latest trends and technologies. 

Why do you think you should hire AppsHunts? Well, because over the years we have proven our ability to deliver nothing but perfection. We have hands-on experience in developing grocery applications. 

We keep in mind, the requirements of both the customer and the consumer. After all, if the consumer is happy, the customer will automatically be happy. The features that users love in our grocery delivery app are:

1. Customer App:
Applications are developed to make things easier for the consumer. And the user interface and user design play a vital role. If the design is appealing and the user is able to navigate easily through the app, he will want to keep coming back to it and use the app. Our UX and UI designs are created keeping in mind the comfort of the user. In our grocery apps we include:

1.1 Geo IP Location
with this feature, identification of the geographical IP location becomes easier. 

1.2 Native Apps
having a native app is everyone’s first choice.
Hassle-Free Onboarding: to make things easy for the user, we provide hassle-free customer sign-in options.

1.3 Quick Search
with the help of a quick search option, the user is able to look for the exact items they want. 

1.4 Push Notification
the user is notified about any new offers or discounts.

1.5 QR Scan
for the easy access of the users we also provide the QR scan facility.
1.6 Order History
it is always good to let the user know what they ordered and purchased earlier. 

1.7 My Cart
the user can easily add items in my cart and keep a track of items they want.

1.8 Social Media Login
it is difficult to keep a track of all the ids for different accounts. To make things easier for the user, we provide the option of social media login in our grocery applications. 

1.9 Wishlist
the user loves to use this feature while buying their favorite items using the promo codes.

1.10 Social Sharing
the user can share the apps on their social media accounts by integrating this feature. 

1.11 Filter Option
it is hectic to go through the long list of things available. The filter options give liberty to the user to choose items based on their requirement and save time in scrolling through products. 

2. Admin Web Panel:
Like stated earlier, AppsHunts not only keep consumer satisfaction as a priority but also customer satisfaction is kept in mind. Our grocery apps offer features for the business holders as well.

grocery-app-development-admin web panel

2.1 Order Management
you can easily handle all the orders placed with the help of this feature. 

2.2 Sub-Admin Creation
to fasten the process, this feature allows the admin to create sub-admins. 

2.3 Store Management
this feature helps the admins to keep a check on all the stores, which can sell their products.

2.4 Product Management
this features basically helps the admins to manage the inventory. 

2.5 Transaction History
admins have an access to all the transaction history to date. 

2.6 Content Management
admins can manage the contents of different pages with the help of this feature. 

2.7 Reports and Analytics
this is an integral part of any business. This feature generates reports and analytics at regular intervals. 

2.8 Interactive Dashboard
this helps in easy functioning of the application. 

2.9 Real-Time Analytics
admins can extract real-time analytics at any time.

2.10 Customer Management
admins can manage customer activities with the help of this feature. 

2.11 Product List Management
it becomes easier to handle the product list and keep a track with this feature. 

2.12 Payment Management admins can manage payments with this feature. 

3. Advanced Features: 
Other than the features useful for consumers and the customer, we also integrate some advanced features in our grocery apps to increase the performance and user experience. 


3.1 Seller App : an additional app can be developed for the sellers to manage the sales.

3.2 Dedicated Interface : this feature helps to manage the functions of the application with minute precision. 

3.3 Real-Time Order From Stores : the admins can place on-demand orders with the help of this feature.
3.4 Live tracking : the users can track their purchase and order delivery status with the help of this feature. 

3.5 Multiple Orders : this feature allows a single user to place multiple orders at the same time.

3.6 Contact Delivery Boy : this feature shares the contact details of the delivery boy with the user. 

3.7 Invoice Generation : after the delivery is done, the user can generate an online invoice for the purchase. 

3.8 E-Wallet : to carry out easy transactions, the user can integrate e-wallets with the application. 

3.9 In-App Chat : the user can chat with the customer support in case of any query. 

3.10 Customized Offer Zone : with the help of this feature, a customized offer zone can be created for the users based on their purchase history. 

3.11 Featured Products : to get higher visibility of featured products, they can be listed on the top or on the banner.

These were the features that users love in our grocery delivery apps. Now let me explain…

How AppsHunts Craft The Best Mobile Applications?

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Customer satisfaction is what we aim at. We adopt the latest technologies and trending features to integrates with our applications and deliver the highest quality apps. We follow a certain process to understand and meet our customer’s requirements.

  1. Requirements

    The first and most important step is to understand the requirement of the customer. We do not mind going the extra mile to achieve what the customer wishes for. The app development team at AppsHunts ensures that every requirement of the customer is met with complete dedication and perfection. 

  2. Strategy:


    Once we have understood the requirements of the customer, we plan out our strategies to implement theories into projection. Thorough market research is done and then keeping in mind the requirements a full-proof strategy is formulated. 

  3. Front-End Customization:

    After the strategy is prepared, the real work begins. Keeping in mind the ease of the user creative UX/UI designs are drafted. The user design and interface is made hassle-free and attractive for the user to navigate through the app easily and wanting to keep coming back to it.

  4. Back-End Engineering:

    The back-end is as important as the front0end. We keep no stone unturned to ensure the perfect functioning of the application make sure the data storage requirements are met with complete solutions. 

  5. Quality Check:

    After the completion of every stage, our QA team does a complete quality check of the application to ensure no bugs are left and no loopholes are open. We deliver the final version of the application only after we are satisfied with its bug-free perfect functioning. 

    Now that you have gone through the features of our application and the making process, let me quickly brief you about the….

Benefits Of Our Apps

Other than the best quality and 100% guaranteed satisfactory results, there are other benefits too of our apps. We offer the latest and the best features in our mobile applications to ensure that the users love it and stick to it. 

As stated earlier, a normal smartphone user has an average of 35 applications installed. Out which most of them our uninstalled after the first use. The reason being unsatisfaction. At AppsHunts we ensure that once the user installs the app, he is content with use never to uninstall it again. 

mobile appCustomize Your Needs

  • We do not give up until all your requirements are met and you are satisfied that the app is best for your users. We make sure to customize the app best to reach all your needs.

mobile appTrending Technology

  • Developing an application using old technologies is as good as not developing the app at all. Therefore, our mobile development experts at AppsHunts use only latest and modern technologies to give you the best results.

mobile appContemporary UX/UI

  • A satisfactorily, hassle-free user engagement and user experience is all that we aim for. Our Ux/Ui designs are best in the industry.

mobile appWorld-Class Quality

  • AppsHunts never compromises with the quality at any cost. Once we are sure that what we are providing is of the best quality, only then it will be delivered to you.

mobile appOne-Time Cost

  • getting an application developed for your business is a one-time investment that will give you profits for a long time. And we make sure that your investment gets you the desired ROI.

mobile appSave Time And Money

  • We understand your needs best and hence offer you the development at a very pocket-friendly cost. We believe that time is precious and hence deliver the application punctually in the promised time frame.

Grocery Delivery App That Fits All Market

The grocery industry is huge and you need to make sure that your application is meeting the needs and fits all market. At AppsHunts, we give you exactly this. Our grocery delivery app is not just limited to confined markets but focuses on multiple approaches that fit in all markets. 

Our grocery delivery app integrates:

Single Grocery Stores

ApsHunts develops and designs the app as per your requirement. If you wish to have only one focus point, we provide grocery delivery apps that focus only on single grocery store to provide the best and precise services to the users.

Grocery Markets

If you wish to different dimensions of grocery markets, we integrate the development accordingly to create the best online grocery delivery app inculcating all your requirements. 

Grocery Business Chains

Have in mind multiple grocery business chains and want an application for that, we will get it done for you. Our expert mobile developers ensure unique solutions to provide the perfect grocery delivery app that suits all your needs.

AppsHunts deliver the best mobile application development services within your budget ensuring the highest quality. We develop all types of mobile applications and specialise in mobile app consultancy, iPhone app development, Android app development, wearable development, backend development, Ux/Ui design, app analytics and building, app support and maintenance, internet of things, iBeacon, Android VR, Apple TV, multilingual apps, blockchain app development etc. 

In short, you name it and we do it. Visit AppsHunts and choose the best mobile app development services. 

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