" What are Free Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools - 2019?

Free Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools – 2019?

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Free Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools - 2019

The mobile revolution has reached its apogee in the whole world. What makes mobile phones easy and attractive are mobile applications. 

It allows you to perform your normal daily activities with ease and diligence. Applications can book tickets, track food orders, shopping through e-commerce and more. 

Before we jump to the topic, let us rewind a little bit and understand the different mobile development application platforms.
The first question that we must clear is:
What is a mobile application development platform?

Mobile application development platform (MADP) is basically a software that allows businesses to build, test and arrange for an application to run in mobiles and tablets.

MADP can also provide native, web and hybrid application development capabilities, as well as mobile application management (MAM) tools for application protection and deployment.

What is Free Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools?

Now First let us understand:-

What is a cross-platform mobile application development?

Cross-platform mobile application development is the process of creating hybrid or native applications that can run on multiple operating systems. A cross-platform tool automatically generates code for the target operating system, and developers can create a unique codebase from it.

Developers can choose between different approaches to developing cross-platform applications, including the development of hybrid mobile applications and the rapid development of mobile applications (RMAD) or the development of mobile applications without code. 

Currently, mobile application developers are more likely to create cross-platform applications than other types of applications. Before entering the best mobile platform development tools, it is necessary to understand why we prefer multi-platform applications.
Why a multiplatform application development framework? 
Organizations have struggled in the last two decades to move everything online. Today, the management of employees and daily activities are carried out through mobile applications. Because creating a mobile application is much easier today. 

Therefore, the development of cross-platform applications becomes a necessity in the modern workplace. As work and life are reduced, work at home and recreation become a productive alternative for employees. 

It is a beneficial solution for employees and managers. Employees have more creative freedom and employers save on infrastructure investments. But the real problem lies in the integration of several devices and platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, etc. 

This is where we turn to the development of cross-platform applications. The application allows the application to run on multiple devices. The following approaches are Hybrid applications Rapid development of mobile applications Universal Windows applications Progressive web applications, etc.

Free Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools – 2019?

Phone Gap

Phone Gap is first on the list because it allows the compilation process of most of the free multi-platform application development tools. PhoneGap offers a FOSS environment that allows the development of cross-platform mobile applications and is developed by the team behind Apache Cordova. 

It includes a compiler, a debugger and some tools for testing purposes. The included critical web technologies are HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Phone Gap has backup copies of several add-ons such as the Image Capture add-on, the Media Recorder add-on, Push add-on and more. 

Phone Gap add-ons allow you to activate some key functions of the smartphone, such as GPS, accelerometer, camera, sound, etc. It also supports purchases within the app for the iOS app store and the Google Play Store. 

It is an incredible tool for designers experienced in advanced technologies. Support for a cache and third-party graphics accelerator can speed up the application. 

Unique features: 
A robust backend that helps beginners. 
Open source, so easy to share.
Flexible for beginners



Appcelerator is another multiplatform development tool that can be used to develop, implement and test the functionality of a mobile application. It uses JavaScript as a universal code mechanism. 

This means that you can use the same code to create applications for different platforms such as iOS, Android and Blackberry. This is the best option for the speedy development of an application with an experienced JavaScript developer. 

Appcelerator offers a database without schema with Arrow DB that allows you to implement data models with a zero effort configuration. It even offers predefined integration with Salesforce, MS Azure, MongoDB, MS SQL and Box. 

The latest version deals with previous problems of speed and delay. 

Unique features: 
Titanium makes it very cost-effective.
Cloud service for distribution and analysis. 
The basic source code is accessible to the user at any time

React Native

React Native

React Native is an open-source multi-platform application development tool developed by Facebook. It follows the protocol “learn once, write everywhere”. JavaScript is the basic language and offers a possibility of native functionality. 

Once encrypted, you can transfer your application to Android and iOS using the same basic code. The characteristic that makes React Native stand out is that, although they are multiplatform, the applications created in this platform will be seen as a native application, providing interactive user experience. 

It is an emerging framework that allows the rapid creation of prototypes and offers high initial speed. Also, it’s easy to learn the basics and start if you have talent in JS. Although it seems incredible, JavaScript codes use a large amount of memory for intensive computing tasks. It is a brilliant option for agile development and is more effective in many cases. 

Unique features: 
Allows your application to arrive more quickly in app stores. 
Modular and intuitive architecture using advanced web technologies.
Gets fantastic support from the community.

Native Script


NativeScript is like writing native applications with a cross-platform capability in JavaScript, TypeScript or Angular. This is the preferred application development framework for creating microapp trends. 

Micro apps help you perform functions with precision. Usually, it focuses on one feature. NativeScript is based on the following main components: Runtime, Core, CLI, Plugins.

Modules Runtime allows the developer to call the iOS and Android APIs using the JavaScript code. The basic modules allow gathering the necessary abstractions for the native API. 

The CLI command helps the user to create, execute and create applications using NativeScript. Add-ons are the basic components of this application development framework. Like the add-ons that help create mobile applications, it contains some features and helps the developer create applications faster. 

Unique features: 
Allows the use of a complete cross-platform API stack. 
Provides “zero days” support for new native frames. 
Reach and reusability of applications development.



Flutter means faster and more dynamic development of mobile applications. The reload works by placing the source files in a Dart Virtual Machine (DVM). The Flutter facilitates the automatic reconstruction of a widgets tree by allowing you to see the effects of its modifications. 

The widget provides functions such as icons, scroll, navigation, fonts and more. Launches a complete application for iOS and Android. All these help you design, create, test and debug applications easily.

Unique features: 
Productive because developers can create iOS and Android from a single code base. 
High customization with a wide range of material designs.
Creates Brand driven concepts



Xamarin provides all-in-one multiplatform development for mobile devices, desktop computers and tablets. The quick start of Android and the quick start of iOS help developers create native UI components. 

Xamarin supports languages such as C#, F# and the Razor template engine. In February 2016, Microsoft acquired Xamarin and launched the Xamarin SDK. This free tool is also available to integrate the features of companies that use Microsoft Visual Studios.

The native friendly interface allows developers to respond to specific requests from customers. It is a unique program with HTML tools to help both the developers and end-users. 
Unique features: 
The new vs2019 has less impact disk, so it quickly installs 
A fabulous visual experience for iOS and Android. 
Automatic installation of the Android SDK as needed.



Felgo is an easy-to
++-use multi-platform development SDK that works in the framework of Qt. Qt, a famous C ++ framework, is widely used by developers. Felgo improves this Qt kernel with an application and game elements, analysis tools, add-ons for purchases within the application, etc. 

Felgo is one of the growing multi-platform mobile application development tools. It is very popular today among the new generation of developers. The feature that makes it attractive is that they will not charge you if you do not make a profit with your business. 

Felgo draws the attention of modern developers because, compared to Xamarin and ReactNative, they can save 90% of programming with Felgo. It is aimed at the climax by providing a secure platform, which saves time and is easy to use for beginners with the right support.

Unique features: 
Faster and more impressive Native native multi-platform applications with an excellent user interface 
Develops games faster than other platforms
Create a powerful application of embedded systems using C ++ and JavaScript.
Gives you the option of live reloading



The Ionic mobile application development framework uses HTML5 to create hybrid applications. Hybrid applications are better than pure native applications for support, speed and third-party access. 

This is the best option if you have a limited time to market your application. It provides components and designs of UI of native style that can have in iOS and Android. However, as an HTML5 framework, you need a container such as Cordova or PhoneGap to function as a native application. 

Unique features: 
A compiler of web components to create web designs compatible with Capacitor: 
A layer also called multi-platform API that allows you to call the native development kit (SDK) from the Web.
Sent with Ionic 4 and allows the loading time and performance of the application when it is divided into packages.

Rho Mobile


Rho Mobile offers Rhodes, an open-source framework based on Ruby that works well with Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, iPhone and RIM. Ruby is already a popular programming language. 

Rho Mobile comes with Rho Hub, a hosted development environment that allows developers to code the application, and Rho Sync, a standalone server that helps you store all application data and stay updated on users’ machines. 

You can develop native-type applications that spread across different platforms using a single code. Native applications work extremely well with the available hardware. As a result, the work is done relatively more efficiently, faster and more accurately. 

Unique features: 
Use the Ruby language, which is simple and productive. 
JRuby allows Ruby applications to run in Java containers. 
The DRY approach avoids the repetition of codes allowing a smooth development.

Kony mobile platform 


The Kony mobile platform offers all the essential features to create universal applications. Channel-specific APIs, third-party libraries that use FFI (Foreign Function Interface), etc. 

The Kony One Server application server also provides connectionless synchronization, security, device discovery for content optimized for mobile devices, SMS, push notifications and more to offer a variety of services for smartphones, tablets and desktop computers running iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. 

Unique features: 
Ability to import into any native API from Visualizer. 
It allows the use of the open-source framework for the Jquery, Bootstrap and AngularLocal web packages. 
Packaging of content in the application and native to web contexts.


Sencha ExtJs

Sencha ExtJS is similar to the likes of React Native in terms of functionality. The critical factor that differentiates the two is the use of the Ext JS framework for development. 

It provides a creator of visual applications for HTML5, with the reuse of custom components. The native application conditioner manages the distribution in the Apple Store and Google Play. 

Because you use HTML5 for development, you can test and run your applications in browsers and mobile applications. It also supports several cross-platform tools such as Adobe PhoneGap to develop highly functional applications. 

Unique features: 
Improves the productivity of development teams through IDE add-ons. 
Minimizes the development cost of the web application. 
The MVC architecture to make the code readable. 

Being online is the need of the hour. After the Internet revolution, it has almost become mandatory that your business is online. More and more entrepreneurs are changing their online business by giving it a place on the mobiles through applications. 

Involve your clients with impressive cross-platform applications. Get a mobile application developed for your business from the best mobile application development company – AppsHunts. 

We offer you all the advanced framework with its rich and ingrained experience of more than 7 years. In addition to providing multi-platform solutions to companies, we also specialize in the development of Android applications and the development of iOS applications.

Contact AppsHunts today to get a free quote for your mobile application development. 

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