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Complete Guide To Build An On-Demand Appointment App For Patients And Doctors

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The outbreak of Covid-19 has re-engineered the way of life. Everybody is more cautious and also rather scared of any type of human contact.

This new way of life with social distancing and all types of security measures is bringing in a lot of changes how the businesses are going to function henceforth. 

And obviously, this applies the most for the medical industry in the current scenario. Until and unless it is not an emergency, nobody wants to go to the hospitals.

People are preferring online consultation in these situations and this is not going to change any soon in the near future.

As long as everything can be resolved through the virtual world, everyone is opting to keep the real world dormant. 

Well, there is a great saying, “In every difficult time, there lies an opportunity.” All you need to do is look for that opportunity, grab it and make the most of it. 

And if I talk about the numbers, it is being speculated that the global IT sector is likely to hit 280 billion US dollar by 2021. This figure holds 16% of the annual growth rate. The numbers speak it all.

So the opportunity you should be looking for is investing in developing doctor appointment applications.

If we talk about the pre Covid period, booking an appointment with the doctors meant standing in long queues,

adjusting with the typical hospital odour and waiting for your chance and not to forget the patient’s anxiety.

But like I said, things have drastically taken a 180 degree turn and nothing seems to function the way it used to earlier. 

It is truly said that needs give birth to inventions. And the need of this hour is, avoiding any physical contact and operating through the online world.

And hence came the demand of on demand appointment app for patients and doctors. 

With the advancement in technology and the internet boon, everything seems to be possible.

The digital healthcare services provided through these apps has not just made lives easier for the patients but also for the doctors.

According to the figures, 1.7 billion smartphone users are making the most of these on demand appointment apps. And 80% of the doctors, globally are using these healthcare apps.

This should explain it all, that, why you should invest in developing an on demand appointment app for patients and doctors. Now comes the most important question… How?

Keep reading and you will get a complete guide to build an on demand appointment app for patients and doctors.

Business Model For On Demand Appointment App

Although there are several factors that you need to keep in mind while developing an appointment app, however, the two most important of them are:

  • Revenue generation and
  • Improvised quality of customer service provided.

Let us take one business model at a time that can be used for building the appointment application for patients and doctors.

1. Commission Based Model

This is the most basic form of the business model that can be used. The simple functioning of this model is that every time a doctor gets an appointment,

he/she shares a pre-decided amount of the fee charged with the application owner.

This means the doctor gets his fee and the app owner gets his share, making it a profitable situation for both.

Also, in comparison to the older method of getting an appointment on call or by physical visit, the doctor gets more exposure with the help of an on demand appointment app. 

  1. Paid Listing: 

The second type of business model is paid listing. In this the medical practitioner pays a fixed amount to the app owner, to get maximum exposure and appear in featured listings.

The best thing about paid listing is, the doctors using this business model, stays a step ahead of his competitors and gets more visibility on the apps.

  1. In-app Advertisement:

Other than the above two methods, another way of earning through the appointment apps is by using the in-app advertisement business model. 

In this model, apart from the medical practitioners and doctors, there are several healthcare brands who would happily pay you to get advertised on the app. This is like an extra income.

You generate revenue by the sole motive that is the doctors and you also get a chance to fill in your pockets a little extra by giving space to these healthcare brands on your app for advertisement. 

These are the three types of business models that you can consider using while building an on demand appointment app for patients and doctors.

Important Features To Be Included In The Appointment App

A business model is just the first step to help you decide how you would like to generate revenue.

But if your application does not have impressive features, using any type of business model will not help.

Let us have a look at the features that you should include in your on demand appointment app for patients and doctors. 

  1. Profile:

The first step for any application is creating a profile. The appointment app should undoubtedly have this feature.

Now here are two aspects that you need to take care of. Profile creation should be for both, the patient and the doctor. And each of them should have specific features.

Features to be included in a doctor’s profile:

  • Location: 

The application should share the precise location of the doctor. It should also be able to show the exact distance between the patient’s location and the doctor’s location. This makes it convenient for the patient.

  • Achievement:

Any patient is likely to choose a doctor based on his years of experience and his achievements.

So the application should display all the important information about the doctor like the education, years of experience, speciality, certification and awards if any, etc.

  • Clinic/hospital Pictures:

If the application can share some pictures of the clinic/hospital as well as the doctor, the virtual visit of the patient becomes easier and is likely to convert more leads.

  • Ratings and Testimonials:

A patient is more likely to trust the rating and the reviews of other patients rather than what the app or the doctor himself has to say about his services.

Displaying the ratings and testimonials given by other patients will increase the trust factor.

Features to be included in a patient’s profile:

  • Name:

Of course, the name of the patient is the first thing any doctor would like to know.

  • Contact Information:

Next, the patient should be able to conveniently fill in the contact information like phone no, email id, address, etc. 

  • Other Information:

Apart from the general information of name and contact info, this section should allow the patient to fill in extra information like health history, any specific symptoms, personal identification, etc.

  1. Easy Searching:

This feature is specifically helpful for the patients. It should be easy for the patients to manually search for any doctor or specialist.

You can add filters in this feature like years of experience, department of speciality, doctor’s fee, etc.

  1. Fixing an appointment:

This feature works for both the doctors and the patients. If you can add a chat box feature, this can be a game changer.

For example, after having a general discussion, both the patient and the doctor can decide, if they want to go forward with the appointment, postpone it or cancel it.

  1. Payment Option:

This is a very important feature of the appointment app. The application should be able to accept payments through all popular methods like credit cards, debit cards, net banking, Paytm or any other electronic payment methods. 

  1. Invoice:

After the payment, the patient should get an application generated invoice. This not only builds the trust factor but is also helpful for the hospital staff.

  1. SOS/Emergency:

This is again a very important feature when it comes to healthcare apps. In case of emergencies,

the patient should immediately be able to book the paramedic facilities, instead of going through the entire appointment booking procedure.

  1. GPS Tracking:

If the on demand appointment application has a GPS tracking feature, it becomes easy for the patients to track the doctors and avoid any last minute direction confusions.

  1. Video Conferencing:

The main point of developing the on demand appointment application for the patients and doctors is to ensure easy and quick service delivery.

If your application has the video conferencing feature, the patient can consult the doctor from the comforts of their homes instead of coming down to the hospitals, unless it is necessary to be physically examined.

  1. Push notifications:

The push notification feature can help in two ways. One – it can remind both the doctor and the patient about the upcoming appointment. Second – The patients can also opt for a daily reminder for medication.

This will help them in not having to keep a track of which medicines are to be taken and at what time.

  1. Document Sharing:

Document sharing can also be a very helpful feature for both the doctor and the patient. With the help of this feature,

it becomes convenient for the patient to share any previous reports, prescriptions or medication details, before visiting the doctor.

These are just some of the basic features that you should add in your on demand appointment app for patients and doctors.

The features can, of course, be advanced, depending on your budget, but at least a minimum of the above mentioned features should be added for best functionality.

Now that you know the business models and what features should be included, the next thing that might hit your mind is – how much will it cost?

Development Cost Of On Demand Appointment Application

App development is a tough task and needs complete attention to details. So one thing that you need to keep in mind while deciding the budget is choosing the best app development company.

There are several app development companies out there in the market that promises you the best in a minimum budget but delivers you the least.

So instead of going for the package, first look for a good app development company that can provide you satisfactory results suiting your pocket. 

Other than this, the budget of the app development also depends on the features that you add in your application.

If you are looking for a full-fledged advance featured application, the budget bar may rise. 

Some of the things that are kept in mind while deciding the budget for an appointment app development are:

  • The complexity of the application: the more complex it is the higher will be the budget.
  • Time Taken: number of hours taken to develop the application also adds up in the final figure of the budget.
  • Contract Type: the type of contract you sign with the app development company also decides the budget. For example, if you take up a contract that includes the maintenance of the app for a year, it will add up to the budget.
  • Technology Used: the technology that you choose to use in your application will not only define the budget but also the success of your application. 

If we take an estimated figure based on the above mentioned features and models, the on demand appointment application app for patients and doctors should be ready in around $15000 – $25000.

You should definitely not miss this opportunity and make a profit even in these difficult times.

After reading this article, if you are convinced in developing an on demand appointment app for patients and doctors,

all you have to do is contact AppsHunts, the best mobile application development company and get your free quote.

Safety is the prime concern. Take all the measures to keep yourself and your family safe.

Protect your loved ones from this pandemic and do not lose hope. Even the most difficult times have an end.

Stay Safe. Stay Home.

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