" 11 Mobile App Marketing Tips to Increase Your Downloads

11 Mobile App Marketing Tips to Increase Your Downloads

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tricks to increase your mobile app download

In 2017, there was 178.1 billion mobile app download. And in this overly-crowded world, how do you decide to increase your mobile app’s download?

Today, we are going to discuss some great tips and tricks to increase your mobile app download. But, to better understand these features, you need to get in the user’s shoes.

So let us see some ways to increase mobile app download

This way, you would know what they actually want and how can you customize your app accordingly.

tips and tricks to increase your mobile app download
What are tips and tricks to increase your mobile app download

1. Your Name is your Game:

While you are a fresh app in the market, you really need to keep this point in mind.

It is crucial that your users find you through your name.

For this, you need to include keywords in your name. This helps potential consumers find you easily.  But, one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the keyword should be smartly used. It should not be too obvious or you’ll get preying eyes from the application stores.

2. Boost your brand awareness:
While building the app and promoting your app is great, you really need to promote your brand online. To increase your mobile app downloads, you first need to be known in your industry.
And, for a lot of people, blogging has helped them gain more audience.
They have revealed that blogging has not only helped them get more visitors but increase mobile app download.
3. Resort to social media:
This is yet another brand building technique. Building a brand on social media is vital for any business. It has immense consumer base and is known to provide great reach. Also, for your social media, it is important that you promote your brand on social media and eventually, increase the download of the mobile app.
4. Reviews:
Reviews/feedbacks are a great way to identify loophole and know what is working best. Not only does this point be in the interest of the companies, but also is in consumer’s interest. This helps the brand overcome their weakness and also enhance the consumer experience.
5. Multi-lingual:
While English remains the standard language, having your mobile app in more than one language definitely gives your brand a great boost and competitive advantage.
There are two choices you can opt for:
a) Either localize the app and make it available in the local language.
b) Or, if you want to target globally, you can get it built in the foreign language as well.
6. Influencer marketing:
It is known that 70% millenials are encouraged to buy a product or service after getting to know it from influencers.
Influencer marketing is a great technique and has drastically helped marketers. And the scenario is no different to increase mobile app download as well.
Influencer marketing
7. Optimization:
Just like you try your best to optimize your social handles and website, mobile apps demand the same attention. There is a term for this and it is called ASO i.e, App store optimization. ASO means optimizing the mobile application to enhance its visibility on the application store. Various metrics include meta description, screenshots, keywords used, reviews, etc.
8. Use Visual creatives:
People tend to be quick in downloading a mobile app if they see photos and videos in the description. It encourages them to install the application and in turn, increases your mobile app download. So it is always a good idea to integrate some visuals to encourage users to install your application.
9. Promotions:
Who does not love offers and discounts? Your users are more likely to download your mobile application given that you have some offers running. Example: If your mobile app is paid and you make it free for some time, it is more like to increase mobile app download. Also, this way you can increase awareness about your brand and boost downloads.
10. Ads:
Though this is a great way, it boosts your mobile app download drastically. Not only does this enhances reach but also increase awareness.
11. Email marketing:
Email marketing
This is a great way to promote and increase app download. Email marketing proves to be the best friend for marketers lately. Not only do they engage the audience but also help in boosting mobile app download. So this is how you can increase mobile app download and thrive to stand out from the competition. Also, if you are still wondering where to get the best mobile application developers, remembers that we are just a call away!
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