" 10 Questions To Ask when hiring a Mobile App Development Company

10 Questions To Ask when hiring a Mobile App Development Company

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10 Questions To Ask when hiring a Mobile App Development Company
What are the 10 Questions To Ask when hiring a Mobile App Development Company?

The speed at which the digital industry is growing is not under the veil anymore. And with every growth, there are some changes. With the unbeatable growth speed of the digital world, another field that is growing is the mobile world.

Everything is practically shifting online. From buying a small grocery item to making big corporate deals, everything is being done online.
Now with this, there are some figures that you need to see, before scrolling down.
●More than 5 hours daily is spent on the mobile by a consumer.
●Around 70% of web traffic is generated by mobile devices.
●Out of 5, 3 people check their emails on mobile.
●More than 95% of the user access their Facebook accounts on mobile.
●For Pinterest, the number is 80% of users.
●85% of the Twitter users use their account on mobiles.
●More than 60% of the LinkedIn traffic is redirected from the mobiles.
●51% of the users have stated the fact that they use mobiles to find new brands and products.
●Around 69% of mobile users have also accepted that they are more likely to buy products from companies whose sites are accessible on mobile.

These numbers should be more than enough to prove that having an existence on mobile is now more important than ever. You might be aware of the importance of mobile and you might have even though of making your presence on the mobile.
Good enough!

Now when you Google about the best mobile app development company, you might see a plethora of data.
This is where the real hurdle comes in. More the options, the more it gets difficult for you to choose. But not anymore, keep reading and you will know which is the best mobile development company for you to finalize.

Ask these 10 questions before hiring any mobile development company

1. Can you show me the apps that you have developed before?

Do not hesitate to ask this question. This is the first thing that will give you clarity, whether you want to hire that company or not.
It is always a good idea to see the portfolio before hiring any mobile app development company. This will give you an idea about what you can expect from them.
You need to understand the technical knowledge of that company and the previously made apps can show you that. Try and test the apps for yourself so you will understand the functionality level as well.

2. What is the process for your app development?

process for your app development

You should be completely aware about the process they follow to develop a mobile app. This will avoid any unnecessary chaos at the end.
Ask them how much time it would take and what are the possible challenges that they might face while developing the app. And if they have enough resources to handle these challenges?
Another plus point of understanding the process is, you will get the idea if the company is professional enough or not.

3. Can you arrange for a meeting with your previous clients?

This may seem rude or inappropriate to you, but this is an important question. You need to be sure whether the company is worth trusting.
When you talk to previous clients, you will get the real picture of what work the company can do.
Meeting previous clients will also make things more authentic as the clients will give you a genuine feedback.

4. Can you give a detailed explanation of the development services?

Knowing the technical details is as important as understanding the process. Some of the things that you should expect from the mobile app development company, you are planning to hire are, whether they are proficient in
●Business analysis
●Quality testing
●Actual app development
●Launching of app
●Maintenance after launching the app

If you get a yes for all the above mentioned points as an answer, you are going with the right company.

5. Do you know about my company and my audience?

This is a very important part that most companies miss. If you are planning to hire a company to develop an app for you, it should understand the workings of your business and what audience you want to target.
If the company you are looking to hire is not able to understand your way of working they will not be able to give you the results you are looking for.

6. Can I meet your team?

Before finalizing the company, you also need to be sure that the company has a good team to handle all the challenges.
Meeting the team is important because you have to be confident that the team has full knowledge about the latest technologies. Ask about how much experience the team has, how many projects they have handled earlier and how many team members will be working on your project.

7. What is your approach on user experience?

user experience of foodapp

User experience is one of the most important parts of any app. Everything from the launch and success of the app to generating revenue from it depends upon how the user feels while using your app. So you need to understand what will be the strategy of the designers regarding the user experience.
The designers working on the user experience should be aware with both the ease of using the app and what is in the trend to be able to give you the best result.

8. What will be the mode of communication?

If you are planning to hire an app development company, there will be several times when the company needs to get some information from you, or you might need to talk to them about the progress of the app.
It is always a good option to decide in advance what will be the moe of communication. The most preferable mode should be via emails, because everything is in written. Avoid using any telephonic conversation to finalize things.

9. What will be the mode and time period for the progress report of the app?

Developing an app is not an easy process. It may take weeks and sometimes even months to get the app ready for launch. You should fix a time period for getting the report about the progress of the app. Weekly or bi-weekly reports are suggested because that will give you the insights of what stage the app development has reached.

10. What post launch services do you provide?

Last but a very important question. Launching the app is only half the battle won. There is a lot of work after the launch. And for this you have to know in advance what maintenance services the company can provide after the completion and hand over of the app.
Making an app for your business has become a necessity for every business now. If you have not got it ready by now, you are already late.
Do not wait any longer, now is the time to get an app. But before hiring an app development company, keep these questions in mind and you will get the best result.

Share your feedback at [email protected], also you can add any question that might have missed out. For more information feel free to contact us at +91 9116631743

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