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What do you hate the most in business? There may be a variety of answers to this question as different people have a different perception. Most of us are fed up from the constant changes required, 24*7 interaction with your clients. But the main reason to get fed up is the hidden costs involved in their business.

It is very important to do proper research before starting anything. Knowing the needs and wants of the customers, proper analysis of your competitors and so on. Most of the hidden cost arises from the updates or the fixes in an app.

A mobile app has a lot of hidden costs from content curation to design to fixes and so on. The best way to handle these things is to take an extra budget for them. Fixing the problem at its initial level is better than pilling up the problem and then investing loads. The services are divided broadly into 4 categories.

Let’s discuss those categories:

  • Functional Service
  • Administrative Service
  • Infrastructure Service
  • IT Support Service

Functional Service

Functional service includes all the activities which are the features and result in the functioning of an app. Some of the common examples are:

Push Notification

It’s very hard to imagine any app without this feature as nowadays everyone is applying this feature. Push notification increases engagement amongst the users and encourages them to purchase the product.


They are coming into the trend as everyone is looking for live interaction and want to get answered immediately. These services encourage sharing and upvoting the content socially. It provides constant assistance to all the users 24*7 which increases brand value.

Administrative Service

All the brands require a powerful, accessible and user-friendly administration dashboard. Some of the examples of administration services are:

Content Management

Changing or editing the content should be very easy and convenient. The way you can change or edit the content on a word document, you must be able to change it on your app.

Dynamic Updates

There is constant app updation as the world is changing enormously. You have to fix the mistakes regularly for better performance. Ensure you have a proper dynamic update plan for the proper functioning of your app.

User Profile

It is very important to maintain a systematic record of your users like their password, bank detail etc. Designers should pay attention to minor details like reset your password column which can be easily lost in the design.

Data Segmentation

Segmenting your data properly is the foremost thing. Users want a simple design with a systematic categorization of different services.

Infrastructure Service

These services take care of the process where the data is stored, how it’s delivered and so on. All the data is stored here from textual to visual. Some of the examples are:


Servers are where the app is been hosted until unless you are a huge organisation and want to outsource hosting.

Data Storage

Data is the king as it is the foundation of any process. Therefore, it is very crucial to decide a place to store and arrange the data.

Images Data

Most of the websites are using a lot of images. Therefore, it is important to have a  huge image bank where all the processing can take place. A place is required to keep downloaded images, to crop and to deliver it.

IT Support Service

IOS & Android Updates

Both the platforms are updating the system regularly which needs a close check. Everything has to be updated at a regular interval of time for the smooth functioning of the app.


Every app consists of multiple third-party APIs atleast at an initial level. Changes to any of these applications require constant maintenance.


Every app contains bugs and fixes. It is very important to treat them seriously as it may cause trouble to your app. The decrease in performance is the most common phenomenon if bugs are present.

At last, you know all the 10 hidden costs of developing a mobile app. A quick recall to all of them:

  1. IOS & Android Updates
  2. APIs
  3. Servers
  4. Image Data
  5. Chatbots
  6. Push Notification
  7. Bugs
  8. Data Storage
  9. Content Management
  10. User Profile

Take care of these hidden costs and try to overcome them with proper strategies. Don’t rush to things and do proper research to develop a successful app. In the end, you also take help from the best mobile app developing company to get an amazing product.

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