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While there was a time when mobile phones were a cause of concern for the parents. They were always complaining about their kids being glued to their phone all the time. However, things have changed now. 

Mobile phones are more than good for just posting funny TikTok videos your chatting with friends and expanding the social circle. These smartphones have now become the mode of education and source of information as well. 

In times like these, when there is a lockdown in the country and everyone is practically living in the virtual world, the importance or rather say the use of mobile phones has increased 100 folds. Since you cannot do much about it, why not make the best use of it?

In no circumstances, you can ask your kids to stay away from the screens, so instead of finding ways to get them away from it, give them something useful to do with the screens while they are glued to it. 

With the schools and all educational organisations closed, for the time being, the knowledge should not suffer the repercussions of the pandemic situation. There are several useful apps available for students that can help them utilise their time on the phone in a more productive way. 

So, instead of finding all sorts of reasons to pull them away, We are giving you all the reasons to let them be with their mobiles. 

Educational Apps For Students

Smartphones are no longer regarded as a source of distraction any more. Instead, they have proven to be a blessing in disguise or the silver lining in these difficult times. Thanks to the application development that smartphones have literally brought classrooms to the pocket. 

With the help of these free educational apps, mobiles phones have become the virtual classroom for the students, where they can easily cope up with the studies. Be it attending classes, getting involved in co-curricular activities or engaging in gaining some extra knowledge, these free educational apps for students have made life simpler and interesting for both the students and the parents. 

Before wasting any more time, let us straight dig into the depths and get to know 

What are the 10 Best Free Educational Apps For Students

All applications have their own unique features and benefits to offer. Let us have a look at them one at a time. 

1. Google Classroom:
Any educational system that involves both teachers and students have some basic requirements. And some of there are conducting classes, assigning homework to the students, submission of the assignments, and reviewing and grading the assignments. 


This all can get complicated if not handled in a systematic way. And Google Classroom does exactly this. With Google Classroom you can get all of this at one place that too in an organized way. This free educational app for the students, literally creates a virtual classroom online, where you can

*Create a classroom
*Conduct lectures
*Send announcements
*Address student queries
*Start discussions
*Assigns projects/homework
*Submit assignments
*Assess and grade the assignments 
*Share resources
*Ask for answers and reviews. 

It is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. Also, it is very easy to use. All you have to do is download the application and enter the code, shared by the teacher to start attending the class. Some interesting features of Google Classroom are:

*Easy to setup
*Improves organization
*Saves time
*Enhances communication
*Faster grading system.

2. edX:
Studying with Harvard, Columbia, MIT, or any other top universities a dream come true for many students. But of course, it is not possible for everyone to get in there. But guess what, your dream just came true. Yes, you read it right. You can study the courses at the top universities. All you have to do is download the edX app. 


This is actually a treasure found for the students who want to be associated with top universities. Harvard and MIT founded exX. It offers more than 2000+ online courses like engineering, business management, mathematics, literature, computer science, etc. You just name it, and edX has it for you. 

With edX, you do not just learn, but also advance your career. What more? It is available for free on both Apple Store and Play Store. The courses offered by edX are taught by experts from all over the world belonging to top universities and colleges. Some important features of edX are:

*Courses in more than 2000 verticals
*Online classes
*Video tutorials
*Study materials
*Quizzes and exams are available for advancement with each course.

3. Khan Academy
When talking about free educational apps for students, Khan Academy cannot be missed out. With the goal to provide free education to young minds in a unique way, this application has scored its place in top educational applications. 


The applications aim to create as natural a classroom as possible. And therefore they provide the study material in the form of video tutorials with all the explanations done on a virtual blackboard. It almost gives a feeling of sitting in a real classroom and getting the lectures from a real teacher. 

The application is best useful for students aspiring to enhance their knowledge in science and maths or preparing for SAT, LSAT, MCAT, etc. It is available for free and supports both Android and iOS systems. Some features of Khan Academy are:

*Video lectures
*Builds conceptual understanding
*Provides exams, unit tests and quizzes
*Submit assignments
*Enables learning even when offline
*Gives energy points and badges on task completion
*Available in multiple languages
*Can track your progress.

4. Duolingo:
If you are interested in learning new languages, this is just the right app for you. Learning a new language can be tough, especially if you do not get the right techniques. If you join any institution or attend real classes, one pressure you need to adapt is matching the pace of the teaching. Well, this might not be easy for all. 

However, with Duolingo, you can learn the new language at your own comfort and pace. This app offers learning languages like French, Spanish, Mandarin, English, Latin, Korean, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, etc. IT teaches the language in the most interesting and fun-loving way as possible with the help of games and quizzes. As you keep passing the levels, your language learning graph keeps increasing. 

You can track your progress, and the applications also provide insights about your performance. You can set daily goals for yourself, and as you keep achieving the goals and clearing the levels, you get XPs. When you start earning more XPs, you will start unlocking more interactive stories to help you enhance your reading and listening skills. Important features of Duolingo are:

*Interactive stories 
*Difficulty levels
*Language learning events
*Forum discussions
*Leaderboard competitions
*Language learning events
*30+ languages.
*Free and available on Apple and Play Store

5. Remind:
Remind can be regarded as the best educational application for group learning. It can be a tiresome task to get everyone under one roof for a group discussion or group studies. However, Remind makes things easier for you. 


And this app is not just one solution for the students, but for the teachers and parents as well. It helps everyone to stay connected with the school community, using a unique code. Studying with a group is always more productive because you are open to discussions and learning new perspectives. 

With Remind, you can send a message to a large number of students or a group or a classroom. You can share, handouts, and phots, submit assignments, get reviews, start discussions with an individual or a group. Important features of Remind are:

*Chat translations in 90+ languages
*Available for free on Apple and Play Store
*Share flyers, photos, handouts
*Communication in real-time
*Personal information can be shared or kept private
*Instant messaging

6. Photomath:
Mathematics can be a challenging subject, especially for those having complications with calculations. It has been a nightmare for many students and despite several attempts, it gets difficult to understand the basic logic. 


However, things are far easier now, all thanks to Photomath. With the help of this free educational application for students, even the most complicated calculations have become simpler. All you have to do is, click a picture of the math problem and the applications gives a detailed step up step explanation on the solution to your question. Hence the name, Photomath.

It is one of the most used math learning resources with over 100+ million downloads. Some of the key features of Photomath are:

*Scan textbook or handwritten questions/problems
*Scientific calculator
*Step by step solution and explanation
*Can use even when offline
*Multiple methods used to solve the problems
*Interactive graphics
*Supports 30+ languages
*Animated instructions
*Available for free on Apple and Play Store.

7. SoloLearn:
If you are passionate about coding, SoloLearn is just for you. It is specially designed for the coders. There is nothing that you cannot find on this app that is related to coding. Whether you are a pro or just a beginner, this application has something in store for every level. 

It has a huge collection of free coding tutorials for multiple computer languages like java, javascript, HTMS, c++, python, PHP, swift, CSS, etc. Application and website development industry are booming, if you are interested in coding and programming, just boost your knowledge with this app and take your career opportunities to another level. 

Key features of SoloLearn are:
*Community for coders
*Tutorials on the latest coding trends
*Free content updated daily
*24×7 peer support available
*Personalized content delivered
*Free knowledge sharing
*Free mobile code editor
*Compatible for both Android and iOS

8. Quizlet:
Quizlet offers multiple ways to learn and grow your knowledge. You can see various methods like learning, write, flashcards, test, match, etc.  Out of these flashcards have proved to be one of the most effective learning techniques. Where you can test your memory during the process of learning. 

You can even create your personalized flashcards in the app itself and share it with other app users. Another unique way of making learning interesting and fun learning is the use of gaming activities. You can test your learning skills with the help of these games available on the app. 

Quizlet also provides frequent study reminders and progress reports. Some of the interesting features of Quizlet are:

*Learn with flashcards
*Test your memory with quizzes and gaming activities
*Time-driven tasks
*Learn English and other foreign languages
*Enhance pronunciation in 18 different languages
*Create and share flashcards with other users
*Enhance vocabulary and grammar
*Take tests created by teachers
*Study sets for standardized exams
*Custom images and audio tutorials
*Available for free on Play and Apple Store.

9. Kahoot
Interactive quizzes are one of the most successful proven technique to enhance your learning skills. In the Kahoot app, you can select your topic of interest and take up the readymade quizzes to test your knowledge.  


You can either opt for taking the quiz individually or join a group of online players to build in the competition and rush to win. It also offers the feature to build your own quizzes and share it with your friends. 

Another useful feature of this app is, it can be used even when you are offline. Kahoot has several inbuilt apps like

*Quiz creating app
*Live gaming app
*Trivia app
*Homework app
*Remote training app

You can play with 2000+ live contestants. Kahoot is available for free on both Apple and Play store.

10. Udemy:
Udemy has gained a lot of popularity recently, especially with the number of diverse courses it offers. With more than 130,000 video tutorials, Udemy offers courses on multiple fields like writing, drawing, yoga, fitness, business growth modules, business management, digital marketing, computer languages, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. 


One of the most important features of this app is, you have a personalized expert at your side to clear all your doubts and confusions. With over more than 40 million students taking up the Udemy course, it has undoubtedly become the most successful free educational app for students.

Key features of Udemy are:
*Wide range of topics available
*Learn affordably
*Expert instructors
*Download courses to learn offline
*Available in 60+ languages
*Learn at your own pace
*Both free and paid courses available
*Survey creator
*Interactive learning
*Compatible with both Android and iOS. 

This was a list of 10 best free educational apps for students. Now you need not worry about your child spending most of the time on the mobile. You just have to give them the right reason to stick to the screens. 

Educational applications have gained much popularity in very less time because they offer a more interesting and fun way of approaching education. Also, the techniques and methods used to impart knowledge are very useful for learners. Every student has different learning capabilities and pace, and education apps can be the best source to match the need of every student. Making learning fun for your child by downloading these free educational apps. 

If you are looking for designing any such apps visit AppHunts, the best mobile development company. AppHunts offers the best mobile application development services keeping in mind the latest technologies and the requirements of the client. AppHunts provides nothing but the best satisfactory results. 

Stay tuned for more such interesting articles. 

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