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Poker is a famous card game that is played between multiple players. There are many types of games that come under poker and then the team members are decided accordingly. It is a betting game system that has many rules and a system of playing. A poker gaming system is a table betting game that has a dealer who serves the deck of cards and he is the one who judges the round. The game was well understood by Appshunts and so the team developed a well-secured 888poker game development. The application encourages a superior high functioning 888poker game that can be played with ease in any device. 888poker game development is the finest creativity of 888 company into the world of online gaming culture. 888poker is formerly named as Pacific Poker that was created online by the 888 company. And that's how the online poker gaming was named as 888poker. Under Poker gaming string 888poker is the first topic under which I am working on. And while writing about this game, I came across many interesting facts. The first point that I would like to share is it's the easiest betting game. According to the rules, only a few cards are bound to match in a sequence and then you are the king of the round. Appshunts great team of developers have re-designed the online 888poker game development and made it with an updated system of software technology. 888poker game is an easy learning card game with various types that can be played through online video game streaming. Basic rules of poker remain the same only some online add ons change the system of playing it online. With Appshunts the video gaming development and software technologies have updated some courses of action and hence the online 888poker game development is liked and installed by many people. The application is a multi-functional platform that encourages thousands of players to run the game on any device and can be easily installed on all comfortable platforms. A deck of red and black cards can be played in many ways, and poker is one of the interesting played games of cards. Poker is signified as an interesting and easy playing among card games. Poker games have many divisions of playing both with traditional betting processes and advanced online game development. In online gaming culture, betting can be raised by virtual coins or through a digital transaction of money. The game can be played in laptops and PCs effortlessly with ease and hacking securities.


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As 888poker game development is already an amazing online video game streaming all the way, so it was a challenge for AppsHunts to create another platform for playing 888poker game development. Appshunts game development team is very intelligent to handle these small challenges. They figured out what essential updates are needed to play the game in advanced software technologies. Boredom can strike anytime and there are fewer indoor games that attract people. Poker is among one of those games that are easy and can be played interestingly. Above all, the era is all about technologies and mobiles that’s why a game like 888poker game development and that too of Appshunts surely is the prime attraction of people. Everyone doesn't have to know all the games. There are certain tips for beginners who can play with full ease and can win the match. So, after learning those effortless tips one can get expert in playing 888poker game online. Newborn 888poker players can even defeat the experts with those tricks. But new players always aim at winning the rounds and so they miss the fun and excitement of the game. New players need to understand the game and then proceed on to further speedups for continuing the game long. To be a new star of 888poker game development and know the necessaries of playing the game you must know what the game is all about, or else you may lose it without knowing your mistakes. To know the game some basic tips are – 

  • Do a brainstorm and act smart – poker is very easily played but when you know the rules of playing. Be a smart player especially when you are betting. Have patience and analyze the time that which card is to be selected for starting the game, when the bet shall be raised and when to call off the bet. Be an aggressive player and risk your part. Every high scale betting needs to be at risk. Observe the things that are going around you related to the cards. A good scale of the opening is paired between A-K and A-Q. so starting a match with these cards can get lady luck on your side. Betting high is an indication to other players that the betting player must have strong cards and they will immediately try to fold the betting amount. 
  • Be patient – for analyzing the scene of cards, a player needs to be patient in their part. A more aggressive nature can bring you down in the game and you may lose it. To bet a huge amount of money at once is stupidity. It may sound boring to players but the only option to save your money and make profits are observation. Observe other players and see when they bet what amount of money. This may give you an idea of the game also. Bet an average amount when your hands are strong, being an aggressive player in wrong rounds may lose your money at once. 
  • Learn keywords and jargon- it is important to know the keywords and jargon of the game. At once no new players will understand the jargon. So it is advised to watch the game and be familiar with the words of the game. If you don’t know the words then the game may lose. The keywords include the name of the cards, the name of the rounds, and the name of the moves. 
  • Know the sequence of cards – as it is important to get familiar with the jargon of 888poker game development, it equally matters to know the hard sequence and low sequence of the cards. Poker is an intellectual and interesting game only when you know the actual gaming system of it. The poker hand ranking does follow like this – 

Royal Flush

A-K-Q-J-T (all in the same sequence of the same suit)

Straight Flush

8-7-6-5-4 (all in a sequence of the same suit)

4 of a kind


Full houseboat

K-K-K-A-A (three of one kind and two are of others)


9-8-7-6-5 (all in a sequence of different suit)

3 of a kind

(set/trips) – A-K-6-6-6

Two Pair

A-K-5-5-5 High Card- A-Q-9-6-3 (Different suits, unconnected, unpaired.

One Pair- A-A-7-4-2

One Pair- A-A-7-4-2 

High Card

A-Q-9-6-3 (Different suits, unconnected, unpaired.

Examine the player's game- it is said that winning poker depends on the opponent’s card, so to schedule your win, try to get an idea which of your opponent has what sequence of cards and then accordingly play your round.

In 888poker game development, the moves cannot be retaken because it is played in devices. Poker is a game of tricks and luck and new players need to hold the fun and intellectual both at the same time, during the game. 888Poker is the easiest game to be played within all poker game but without knowing how the game is being played, the players can easily lose their betting cash. So, there are certain steps to be followed for playing the game. It’s a kind of strategy and basic rules for the beginners- 

  • High valued cards- it is advisable to make a strong sequence of cards for winning the round. The strong sequence of cards can be made by high valued cards. In 888poker game development, it is the beginning of all other important steps to be required for further gaming processes. For bluffing and betting, high valued cards are necessary to hold the game. 
  • Table positions – the Poker is a table game and thus it is a basic and important subject of playing. Even sitting arrangements in the table matter in the game. The positions of sitting named as a button, small blinds, and big blinds, late positions, and middle positions in the table. 
  • Pre-flop action follow-ups- pre-flop action begins with the player who takes a position on the left side of the big blind. A clockwise systematic action begins. The betting round ends when players have acted. Pre- flop players can call, fold, and raise the course of action.
  • Post-flop Action – with the first 3-5 community cards the flop is made, the players have options to check (bet nothing), call, raise and fold which depends on the sitting arrangements accordingly.
  • Post-turn action – this card is raised after the post-flop option when betting round is about to end. This is the fourth community card.
  • Post- river action – this is the fifth community card and the arrival to the river. Here players have chances to win or they can try for bluffing if everyone checks to you. This is the round where no one can beat the player
  • The last stage – here the table is left with two players, the winner and the opponent. Here one has to show the card for deciding the winning person. After this stage, another round may reschedule for playing. 

888poker game development is an interesting game to generate. The high skilled developers have included some videos that will help beginners to understand the game. Experienced or newcomers, once a strategy is understood the game can be played with fun and excitement.

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